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TMBC Faculty Newsletter – Issue 28

This newsletter continues to serve as your one-stop-shop for important dates, updates and announcements.

A special year-end note:

As the days get shorter and the calendar year draws to a close, we light candles and cozy fires and get a little more introspective. As always, I am filled with gratitude for each of you, helping our clients find their inner light and shine brightly. It’s incredibly exciting, rewarding, and inspiring to continue together on our journey as a community in the coming year. I appreciate each and every one of you, and hope this holiday season refreshes and inspires you. With gratitude, from Amy.

The Headlines

Faculty Contract Updates
Thank you to everyone for signing your contracts so promptly!  We are in the process of having them countersigned and will return to you shortly.  As a result of that process, we did identify a few additional rates that need to be stated so in the coming weeks you will receive a quick amendment that will outline those rates, as well.  Please reach out to Betsey (betsey.snopel@tmbc.com) if you have any questions.

Progress in 2022
I wanted to echo Amy’s sentiment with my own gratitude for your partnership and patience as we’ve navigating some operational change in 2022. Between re-activating Webmail as a replacement for the Virtual Desktop, making the move to our WorkMarket electronic payment process, and the new contracts & rates, there has been a lot of change for you to absorb.  We hope that all of these changes ultimately make it easier for you to work on our behalf and we will continue to find ways to optimize your faculty experience with us.  Happy Holidays! – Betsey

Beginning January 2023 we will be shifting the publication of our Faculty Newsletter to every 6 weeks to offer you more robust context and updates.

For our final release of the year, we’re bringing you something we’re pretty excited about… a new and improved version of Milestone Connect! Our StandOut clients will have the option to stick with our existing writeable PDF option, or to request the enhanced version, which will now be fully integrated into the StandOut platform.  

Building on the connection established by weekly Check-Ins, a Milestone Connect enables a team leader and team member to have a deeper dive strengths-based conversation about the team member’s work. It provides an opportunity to reflect on key strengths, wins, and challenges over a longer time period, to develop an even more effective partnership and guide future work. Click the video below to learn more:

As we close out another calendar year we want to hear from you about any new accomplishments or certifications you may have attained in the past year. Here is our call out to to you to provide us any updates to your bios for 2023. Please contact Sue (sue.wolfe@tmbc.com) by January 30, 2023 if you would like to make any edits or updates the the bios we have on file for you.

Level Up, Dial In. Our 2022 Faculty Summit Recap

Greetings Faculty!  We’re all reveling in the afterglow of the Faculty Summit.  Thanks to all of you the Summit was a joyful, productive, and meaningful gathering.  So many comments have been shared about the value of the content, the quality of the contributions, and the heart-centered feeling of connection.  The Summit materials will remain on StandOut Now under the Faculty Summit page until the end of January.  Please make sure to download the material.  Thank you to those who completed the Summit survey. If you didn’t have a chance to do so with the QR Code or Link below, please complete it as soon as possible.  Your insights support our future design.  Happy Holidays!

TMBC 2022 Faculty Summit Insights

OR Scan the following QR Code with your phone:


Facilitator Connect: Facilitators, January 20, 2023; 9am PST

Hosted by Erin Blodgett with Outlook invitation and additional details to follow.

Public StandOut Debrief Certification (SDC)

StandOut Debrief Certification Public Cohort – We have wrapped up our 2022 public registrations. Our first cohort of 2023 will begin on January 24, 2023 . If you know of anyone who is interested in joining this cohort, please contact Kimberly.Nickerson@adp.com for additional details.

“No matter what kind of work your team is doing and no matter which part of the world you’re working in, your team will always be most productive when more team members feel delight and joy in what they do every day.
-Marcus Buckingham.

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