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TMBC Faculty Newsletter – Issue 33

This newsletter continues to serve as your one-stop-shop for important dates, updates and announcements.


Hello faculty, and welcome to fiscal year 24! I am so excited to continue building on the legacy and foundation we’ve created, and to explore and grow together as we move into the future.

To address a couple questions that have come up: TMBC is still TMBC, and StandOut is still Powered by ADP. We and MB will continue to support and share our findings with each other. We are all still in support of the same mission – this just extends our combined reach even farther.

Our strategy is not changing. We will continue to bring our unique strengths-based approach to the world and change lives. To that end, I wish you a restful and invigorating summer, as the work of changing lives is never done!

Thank you for your dedication and all the goodness you bring to our clients and the world. I look forward to connecting soon.


Faculty Contract Amendment Updates
Thank you for your quick turnaround on the 1st Amendment last month – the fully signed version will be emailed back to you shortly.  We will also be issuing a 2nd Amendment later this month that will formally update the lululemon rate change that has already been communicated along with a clarification of our assignment policy.  If you have any questions, please contact Betsey directly at betsey.snopel@tmbc.com.

Want to see what our product team has been up to in 2023? We encourage you to view StandOut The Year So Far Blog on the StandOut Community site. There are so many amazing updates and accomplishments highlighted here.

We’re very excited to share TMBC’s Position about DEIB with you.  A HUGE shout-out to Crystal Simon and Darren Raymond and team for their expertise and dedication to this important work. This Position helps TMBC to speak with one voice, using the same messaging and terminology when sharing how our work connects to DEIB.   Click to see our TMBC Position about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.  Please note: This position paper is for TMBC internal use only and is not to be shared outside TMBC.

The Globee Awards were formed to honor organizations of all types and sizes from around the world for their achievements in various business and technology-related categories. The awards were created to provide a platform for recognizing and promoting excellence in industries and sectors that are shaping the future of business. The specific wins are listed below and all winners were posted on their site. StandOut and Talent Acquisition were awarded 12 out of 12 Globee awards that were submitted!



  • Onboarding Solution | StandOut® powered by ADP® 
  • Campaign of the Year | Business-to-Business (B2B) | StandOut, Powered by ADP® 
  • Campaign of the Year | New Digital Product-Service | StandOut, Powered by ADP® 
  • Employee Engagement Solution | StandOut® powered by ADP® 
  • Talent Management Solution | StandOut® powered by ADP® 


  • Applicant Assessment or Tracking Solution | StandOut


💌You’re invited!  Please join our own, Amy Powell, for a one-hour webinar: Building Connection through StandOut. The second in a series of topic-based discussions, the webinar will take place Wednesday, August 23 at 10 am – 11 am PST.

We’ll discuss research by TMBC on the importance of leader and peer relationships at work, and share tools and strategies to help people build strong, meaningful connections. Register now to learn more.

All registrants will receive a recording of the webinar and post-webinar tools to use with your teams. 

During our recent all faculty connect we talked about new resources on StandOut and wanted to confirm that you all have access. When you click on this link you will be asked to sign in with your TMBC email and your unique password. If you forgot your password, click reset password and you will receive an email instructing you on how to proceed.

If you facilitate or coach for any of our platform clients this will give you visibility into their world on StandOut. Although some clients turn some features off, you will have access to all current features. We encourage you to explore what’s there and ask any questions you may have. Reach out to either the lead faculty on the account or one of your LD Ops partners (Betsey, Kelly, or Sue).

If you have interest in a tech demo, please reach out to Sue (sue.wolfe@tmbc.com) to help coordinate.

We’re excited to launch a new TMBC Faculty Resources menu structure on StandOut Now! TMBC Faculty Members will find all their resources under the new TMBC Faculty menu option. Moving forward the Resources tab will contain Virtual Delivery Tips and Cultural Responsiveness pages, for all the StandOut Now (SON) population.

We’re excited to share that 10 Coaches from Coaching.com are now certified to deliver StandOut Debriefs. And beginning this past week, 9 of those Coaches have continued on with their certifications to becoming certified StandOut Strengths Coaches. Thank you Sam Trenka for your magnificent facilitation skills in guiding these unique human beings so expertly through this process and to our Mentor Coaches who support this work and make it possible, much gratitude to you all.

On June 9th, the TMBC Faculty met for their quarterly connect. If you were unable to attend our Faculty Connect last month, here’s a quick recap:

  • Highlights from the faculty survey, which resulted in our re-commitment to our regular connections to keep everyone informed and feeling part of a community
  • The latest in operations, focusing on the lululemon coaching engagements
  • A business update about where we’ve been and where we’re going, highlighting (among other things) our client webinar about connection being delivered in August
  • A great group discussion where we talked about what excites and concerns us, and what we should be looking at as we go into the new fiscal year


We look forward to connecting with you and celebrating some TMBC Facilitation FY23 milestones on Friday, August 18th, from 9:00-9:50am PST. This call will be hosted by Erin Blodgett. Please join us to learn more about what FY24 has in store. In addition, there will be two distinct opportunities for discussion with your colleagues, so don’t miss out on the rich dialogue and sharing!

Until then, take a moment and consider your unique brand of facilitation. What are strengths you possess that you unleash during your deliveries?

In the spirit of fun and celebration, guess who the amazing TMBC Facilitator this CSP is referring to when she recently shared:
(She) addressed this audience’s lively questions and commentary professionally and allowed the appropriate time and space for discussion. The most impressive part was that she did that and covered all of the content without feeling rushed.
Join our call to find out who and to hear more facilitator recognition 😊

Please email standoutld@tmbc.com if you did not receive an invitation to this connect.

Save the Date. Please join us for our All Faculty Connect on Friday, September 22, 2023 9:00-9:45am PST hosted by our own Sam Trenka. Invites were sent this week. Agenda to follow.

Please email standoutld@tmbc.com if you did not receive an invitation to this connect.

We are happy to report that planning is already underway for our virtual 2023 Faculty Summit.  This year it will be hosted by Shyanne Smith.  Please save the Dates: December 5 & 6 from 9am – 1pm PST. Calendar holds should already be in your inbox.  Please accept them at your earliest convenience to help us plan accordingly.  Participation in this event is highly encouraged.

Our May public cohort wrapped up on Tuesday. Thank you to all of our amazing SDC Principal Facilitators and our SDC Mentor Coaches for the support and guidance they are providing our clients through their StandOut Debrief Certification journey!

Our fourth public cohort of 2023 will begin on August 15, 2023 . If you know of anyone who is interested in joining this cohort, please email standoutld@tmbc.com.

“The secret to living a strong life is right in front of you, calling to you every day. It can be found in your emotional reaction to specific moments in your life.”
― Marcus Buckingham.

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