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TMBC Faculty Newsletter – Issue 32

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Lately, I’ve been thinking about connection in all its different forms. As a Connector who is also lucky enough to be surrounded by brilliant practitioners of coaching and learning, this theme is perpetually top of mind. But this month’s StandOut product release represents the fruit of several long-term collaborative efforts to help our clients in this area, and so I wanted to celebrate connecting those dots with you.

I encourage you to check out our new Connection position paper.  This internal document (not to be shared outside of TMBC) tells the story of how StandOut and the strengths approach – including our coaching and learning offerings, as well as new features – help support connection to your own work, and connection to your coworkers, team leader, and organization and its mission. 

Of course, getting together with you as a faculty is one of my favorite connections. I look forward to seeing you there next month!

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Faculty Contract Amendment Re-Issue
Earlier this week you should have received an updated DocuSign request for the 1st Amendment to your TMBC Contractor Agreement.  We had a snafu with an ADP system and we are re-issuing the Amendments for your records.  If you have any questions, please contact Betsey directly at betsey.snopel@tmbc.com.

Email Reminders:
Your TMBC email is to be used exclusively for all communications regarding your TMBC assignments. We understand that you may experience technical issues that require the use of your personal email as a backup but that should only be used as a last resort. If/when you experience email issues, please contact ADP Tech Support immediately and let your TMBC partners know.  As a reminder, here are the best options for getting support:

  1. Call (855) 387-8776 – you will need your 6-digit Associate ID which can be found on the first page of your TMBC Contract Faculty Agreement.
  2. Click here from your mobile device to schedule an appointment with an ADP Tech Associate (we are working to get this site accessible from any device but, for now, it is only available from a mobile device that has the Authenticator app installed on it).

NEW! Conversations: Strong connections at work

We encourage you to check out Conversations on StandOut. StandOut Conversations are a great way to build trust and positive growth in any working relationship. Here, you will find strengths-based guidance and tools that will help you and your clients to deepen your conversations in a variety of situations and apply the StandOut approach to communicating.

The Conversations homepage features four sections: Interactive Conversations, Conversation Guides, In-Progress
Conversations, and Conversations History.

Reminder, you can always access What’s New on StandOut through our StandOut Community site.


On May 19, the TMBC Facilitators met for their quarterly connect with a theme of Storytelling.

  • We discussed the recent StandOut Release of the new 90-Minute StandOut Team Member (SOTM) Certification. Participants will leverage the Learning Hub and our first public certification begins on July 12, 2023. Pre-Requisite: StandOut Debrief Certification.
  • If you are interested in being considered for the 90-Minute SOTM Certification Principal Facilitator roster, please complete the short interest form found below by May 30 (date extended due to the Memorial Day holiday weekend). https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SOTMprincipalfacilitator
  • We explored the power of storytelling and leveraged content from Session 4 of the new 90-Minute SOTM Certification, including the 3 Ds of a Good Story: Details, Dialogue, Drama. Everyone valued the time spent in breakout groups.
  • If you facilitate for TMBC, be sure to log in to StandOut Now and explore the new TMBC Program Facilitator Zone found under the Resources tab. This will be a one-stop-shop for our TMBC Facilitators. Special thanks to Sue Wolfe for designing the page and Kelly Moran for providing content.

Whether we facilitate a session for 8 people or 800 people, we are positively impacting lives. It is such a pleasure to see every TMBC Facilitator sharing their tremendous talent this quarter through our strengths-based programs and certifications.

Facilitator Spotlight: You may be wondering who facilitated for 800 people recently. Drum roll please … It was Dr. Juanita Daly, and the client was absolutely thrilled!!! Please join us in congratulating Juanita for her epic delivery not just once, but twice for a second group of 800 leaders that same day.

We are excited to wrap up our first StandOut Strengths Coaching Mentor Coach certification led by Shyanne Smith on Tuesday, May 30th, 2023. Our 6 new SSC Mentor Coaches followed a 6-week journey in the learning hub throughout their certification. They will begin to support their SSC Mentees (from coaching.com) starting in July 2023.


We are excited to spend time with you on Friday, June 9th from 9:00-9:45am PST for our All Faculty Connect call. The call will be hosted by our own Amy Powell! Invitations were sent from TMBC StandOut Workshops on April 24, 2023. Please email standoutld@tmbc.com if you did not receive the invitation.

Andy Scantland

In March, you had an opportunity to complete a TMBC Faculty Survey. We really appreciate hearing from you and will share highlights during our upcoming All Faculty Connect on June 9th. A special shout out to Andy Scantland who spent time reviewing and summarizing the results.

We currently have 1 StandOut Debrief Certification cohort in flight and 1 ready to kick off next week. Thank you to all of our amazing SDC Principal Facilitators and our SDC Mentor Coaches for the support and guidance they are providing our clients through their StandOut Debrief Certification journey!

Our fourth public cohort of 2023 will begin on August 15, 2023 . If you know of anyone who is interested in joining this cohort, please contact Kimberly.Nickerson@adp.com for additional details.

As Erin mentioned on the Facilitator Connect Call, we have officially launched our new StandOut Team Member (SOTM) 90-Minute Certification program.  Like our StandOut Debrief Certification (SDC), we will offer this certification publicly – our first cohort will begin on July 12, 2023 and is currently open for registration!  If you know of anyone who is interested in joining this cohort, please contact Kimberly.Nickerson@adp.com for additional details.  Don’t forget, SDC is the pre-requisite to the SOTM 90-Minute certification program!

“You won’t ever ‘do only what you love.’ But you can, every single day, find some activity or situation or moment or event that you love. It might be the thinnest of red threads, but you can find it.”
― Marcus Buckingham.

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