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TMBC Faculty Newsletter – Issue 35

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Everything, Everywhere, All at Once – it’s not just 2023’s Best Picture Oscar winner, it’s kind of been the theme of our world lately. It’s not a spoiler to say that when a person is overwhelmed with chaos and uncertainty, focusing on what’s truly important to them is their best compass. That’s a gift you share with your clients all the time and one that makes an immeasurable difference in their lives and our world.  Thank you for helping everyone manage their everything, everywhere, all at once.


Coaching.com Partnership Update

We shared some very important updates about our partnership with Coaching.com on the All Faculty Connect last week. One of those updates highlighted our plans to replace the Coaching Portal with Coaching.com’s Practice Management Software early in 2024.  If you were unable to attend, please be sure to listen to the recording (password: 0922).

New!  StandOut Community Coach Group

During the All Faculty Connect last week, we also introduced the StandOut Community – Coach Group page!

“We are a community of TMBC-Certified StandOut Debrief Coaches and StandOut Strengths Coaches who unleash the unique contributions of individuals, teams, and organizations. We are here to grow personally, to share our best practices, and to empower each other as ambassadors of the strengths revolution. Here you will find updates and resources that support us in leveraging the StandOut assessment and strengths approach in service of our coachees.”

Although this is a voluntary community to be a part of, we hope that you find it to be a place to connect, share and find inspiration within one another. Below you will find the step-by-step process to create your profile and access this community.

  • Click HERE and then follow these instructions:
    • Click on the LOG IN TO JOIN button
    • Then click on the SSO VIA StandOut button
    • Create your profile and you will automatically be added to the StandOut Coaches group on the Community.

 If you have any questions, please contact Betsey directly at betsey.snopel@tmbc.com.

Thank you to those of you who joined us and/or registered for the Building Connection through StandOut webinar on August 23rd hosted by our very own, Amy Powell.

As most of you know, these webinars are part of a series of theme-based discussions addressing some of the most important topics you may be facing – both in and outside of work.

If you were unable to join us live or missed the opportunity to register, you’re in luck! We are delighted to share a link to the recorded session below with this community. This link will  be available to view until October 20th, 2023. (no password required.)

Thank you to those who were able to join us on Friday for our final TMBC Faculty Connect of the calendar year. For those who were unable to join, we missed you!

Seasons changing
Four seasons with Japanese cherry trees in Hurd Park, Dover, New Jersey

We began by acknowledging the changing seasons and reflecting on what it means to be in the “in between.” Feel free to take on that reflection as well, if it suits you.

Below are a few highlights from our time together.

Faculty Connect Recording:
Whether you were unable to attend or interested in reviewing the information shared today, clickthe link belowfor the recording.

Some highlights included an update on Research at ADP and TMBC, our continuing journey with the Coaching.com partnership, an invitation to the new StandOut Community and some coaching and facilitation business updates.

There’s some interesting things unfolding as we continue to promote our facilitation and coaching offerings. Stay tuned for updates.

We’ll “see you” at Summit!

On August 18, our facilitation team met and enjoyed meaningful connection, while learning about new StandOut resources and celebrating FY23 milestones & facilitation excellence. Here are a few highlights:

  • TMBC Facilitators dynamic team on TMBC instance of StandOut: All faculty members have access to login and explore the platform. Please let us know if you have trouble logging in. Optional: Login and accept the invitation to join the TMBC Facilitators team. Submit a Check-In if you so choose. Sharing them is completely optional, but if you do, Erin will respond.
  • StandOut Platform Screenshots deck: Log in to StandOut Now and select the TMBC Program Facilitator page and look under Pre-Delivery>Reference Materials to find this great new resource. It will be updated each Release and displays the features on StandOut. Your CSP will let you know what features are turned on for their clients and you can leverage as needed.
  • Contextualized PPTs: Please see the new process for sharing your decks before a delivery found on StandOut Now under the TMBC Program Facilitator page under Pre-Delivery.
  • Assessment Support: Reach out to Betsey if you are interested in contracting with TMBC for assessment support for your independent deliveries (participant pre-registration; Top 2 reporting)
  • Facilitation Recap & Recognition: We will continue to review your recaps and the ones submitted by CS, with follow up & recognition being provided by Erin. We look forward to more rave reviews!
  • Next Up on November 17How do you keep your facilitation fresh? Come ready to share ideas, strategies, and best practices.


Our next Quarterly Facilitator Connect is on 
Friday, November 17th, 2023 from 9:00-9:50am PST 
hosted by Erin Blodgett. Join us for a robust discussion on ways to keep your facilitation fresh!

Please save the Dates: December 5 & 6 from 9am – 1pm PST. Calendar holds should already be in your inbox.  Please accept them at your earliest convenience to help us plan accordingly.  Participation in this event is highly encouraged.


The place of work in our world is rapidly changing and evolving, bringing with it its own challenges and opportunities.  As Coaches and Facilitators, we see this with our clients and in our own lives. We wanted to share ADPRI’s quarterly World at Work report from our very own Nela Richardson, ADP Chief Economist and Head of The ADP Research Institute, and her amazing team of scientists and researchers. 

Please click on this link to hear more about the World at Work today and to read about what their latest research tells us about the “Hidden Truth About Promotions”.  There is also a bonus interview with Nela in this link. 


“A very few of us might be clear-eyed enough to find ourselves, all by ourselves. The rest of us need help. Our noses are pressed up so closely to our own selves that we can no longer see what makes us beautiful and powerful. We need another human being to draw back the cloak of measurement and judgment, and reveal – to us and to everyone else – what’s been hidden”

― Marcus Buckingham

Love + Work, Chapter 16

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