SDC Mentor Coach Process

Hello — SDC Mentor Coach!

The information below is intended to walk you through the details of what is involved in mentoring a participant who is going through the StandOut Debrief Certification Course. Throughout your journey please feel free to reference your SDC Mentor Coach Guide for tips, tools, and resources.

1. Give Debrief Coaching

Provide your mentee with a 60-minute situational coaching session. To refresh your memory on the StandOut Strengths-Based Coaching Model (and the 8 Elements) look at the document below. Follow these steps for the coaching session:

  1. Send an email to your mentee and provide dates and times for the initial strengths coaching session.
  2. Receive call from your mentee on the agreed upon date/time.
  3. Provide a 60-minute situational coaching session.

*Track 1 hour in the coaching portal for this step.

2. Receive Situational Coaching

Receive a 60-minute situational coaching session from your mentee, and provide a 30-minute feedback session. Follow the steps below:

  1. Wait for your mentee to reach out to schedule your coaching session
  2. Receive a 60-minute coaching session from your mentee
  3. Provide verbal feedback immediately following the session (30 minutes)
  4. Provide written feedback on the FEEDBACK FORM with your final recommendation for certification.

*Track 1.5 hours for this step.

That’s it. You did it!