The EthicalCoach vision comes alive when the Ethiopian NGO Leadership Coaching Summit gets underway in Addis Ababa on October 4 - 5 , 2018.

EthicalCoach Ethiopian Summit Banner

The Summit is the start of the Ethiopian coaching initiative being facilitated by the EthicalCoach team. Designed to unite world-class international coaches with NGO leaders from Ethiopian non-government/civil society organizations committed to tackling pressing humanitarian and environmental challenges, this initiative will support leaders in their quest to transform the lives of children and families in need.

Four hundred carefully selected NGO leaders will have the opportunity to participate in the Summit, experiencing the profound benefits of working with some of the very best coaches in the world on issues of relevance to Ethiopia to-day. By making the highest levels of executive coaching accessible to NGO leaders and their teams, the Summit will empower these individuals to build on their track records of success and to step forward with confidence to achieve their goals.

Attendees will leave the event having created a vision for change together with a practical action plan. They will take away tools and practical solutions to build on their organization’s strengths, attract additional funding and turn their plans into reality. Participants will also have a rare opportunity to experience the power of coaching on a personal level, exploring new perspectives that will provide insights while building leadership capability.

There is no fee to attend the Summit as the event is fully sponsored by EthicalCoach.

The Summit will be held in the famous UNECA building in Addis Ababa and is hosted by the Ethiopian Charities and Societies Forum (ECSF) in conjunction with EthicalCoach and our local partner, the Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association (CCRDA).


  • 08:30 Coffee. Opportunity to meet and greet
  • 09:00 Getting started - connecting, confirming purpose, understanding the deep connection among us, building vision
  • 10:30 Keynote: What is coaching - Professor David Clutterbuck
  • 11:00 Break
  • 11:30 Sharing our leadership stories - in small groups experiencing the power of coaching, learning and growing
  • 13:00 Lunch - networking and sharing
  • 14:00 Exploring our leadership realities - continuing in small groups to experience the power of coaching, developing new insights and practical solutions
  • 15:30 Break
  • 16:00 Integrating and moving to action - connecting back to vision, integrating our learning and committing to change
  • 17:15 Closing remarks
  • 17:30 Adjournment

Who is the Summit for?

At EthicalCoach, we passionately believe in making executive coaching available to non-profit organisations in order to help them address the greatest humanitarian and environmental challenges of our time. In working towards fulfiling the key UN-SDG goals, in particular those focusing on women and children in need, our mission is to provide local NGO leaders and their teams with the strategies and tools to fulfil their potential. Our first step towards achieving this will be the Summit, which has been specifically designed to help organizations build from their successes achieved to-date, and by demonstrating the power of coaching in terms of strengthening the ability to address challenges, attract additional funding, and achieve goals in order to serve their communities better. The Summit is free to attend.

What is the Summit?

EthicalCoach will bring together eleven world leading coaches to provide leadership development to 400 local NGO leaders across two days, with 200 participating on each day. Participants can begin accessing the wisdom of the same coaches who have worked closely with people like Steve Jobs (Apple) and Elon Musk (Tesla) at no cost.

The Summit will comprise a number of workshops designed to demonstrate the power of coaching while addressing issues of relevance to the NGO sector. In addition, selected leadership development materials will be made available, both before and after the Summit, to support ongoing growth and learning.

Summit participants will have the opportunity to apply for twelve months of pro bono coaching for themselves and their teams. These coaching grants will be awarded to some 10 NGOs. The Summit will therefore, kick off one year of immersion and coaching in Ethiopia, alongside engagement with local partners.

The purpose of the Summit

The intended outcome for all 400 participants will be:

  • - To engage and build on current strengths - particularly in relation to overcoming obstacles to progress
  • - To experience the power of coaching e.g. through a shift in emotional state based on the Ubuntu Philosophy of 'I am because we are'
  • - To start the process of growing the skills needed to achieve the vision.