About Us

EthicalCoach, the philanthropic arm of the WBECS Group, is a global movement to connect nonprofit (not-for-profit, non governmental, civil society, charity, social impact) organizations with executive coaches. More specifically, EthicalCoach works with leaders of nonprofit organizations - organizations that are committed to addressing the greatest humanitarian and environmental challenges of our time - by developing their leadership capacity through coaching. In 2018, the pilot program was launched in Ethiopia with great success and we are currently working on expanding our geographic footprint through strategic partnerships.


Coaches and leaders together creating a world free
of poverty and inequality.


Through leadership coaching, accelerate nonprofit,
charitable and philanthropic impact.


EthicalCoach is committed to creating a positive impact in the world. We are driven by a set of shared values that guide our programs, relationships and overall approach – and which will serve as our foundation as we evolve and grow.

EthicalCoach - pages about Respect

EthicalCoach is founded in respect. We recognize the value in people and partnerships. From our coaches to the children we seek to support, our motivation begins with genuine respect. Considering our work is international, respect helps us position ourselves so that we can use each and every opportunity to value one another and grow together.

EthicalCoach - pages about Imagination

The world we want is not always the world we are living in. The EthicalCoach community is courageous in imagining new approaches, new ideas to advance our vision and is innovative in the way it comes together, often with new and different partners and better solutions, to meet new and/or existing requirements. We believe that our very best today is nothing compared to our very best tomorrow.

EthicalCoach - pages about Connection

Communication holds us together, weaves together our passions, and becomes the way we share information. Creating a platform to share resources and bring the expertise of coaching to nonprofit organizations requires genuine connection. As we grow, we will evolve our movement through the continued exchange of ideas, dreams, experiences and hopes.

EthicalCoach - pages about Passion

The EthicalCoach family shares a common internal flame, a spark of passion that drives us to co-create a positive impact in the world. This passion pushes us to strive to the very reaches of possibilities and cultivate the world we all want to live in. This passion drives us to reach our fullest potential, as individuals and as a team.

EthicalCoach - pages about Inclusion

We aim to cultivate and curate a meaningful community that is engaged, committed to learning and to working with others. Since the very first seed for EthicalCoach was sown, we have maintained an openness, welcoming any and all people who want to be part of this movement. We understand that our scope of possibilities is beyond what one mind can conceive. We have worked to establish and create a community to connect, to unify and to celebrate our unique contributions.

EthicalCoach - pages about Accountability

EthicalCoach is not satisfied to know there are global challenges that disproportionately impact many children and their families in today’s world. We are taking responsibility for our discomfort by bringing to life a vision of unity, support and mutual benefit sharing. We will measure and monitor the development of our movement and our projects from conception through to fruition. World class coaching will result in measurably improved NGO leadership effectiveness. The ultimate external evidence of success is the application of these leadership skills and abilities to enable more children and more communities to be served and supported.