In 2021 leadership coaching helped me steer my spaceship

“Are you in a spaceship?” Asked my coach observing my Star Wars themed Zoom virtual background. And that’s how leadership coaching journey started with my coach Asher Rickayzen.

Mayuri Bhattacharjee February 3, 2022

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Finding the Coaching Rhythm is Key

EthicalCoach at DEC The coaching journey was set in a challenging context of a global pandemic coupled with political unrest. The DEC team faced many challenges in this period.

Karin Wilms November 3, 2021

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The Four Things That Set Great Leaders Apart

What Makes Leaders Exceptional The risks and potential consequences of executive leadership are far greater than other forms of leadership.

Ron Carucci February 26, 2020

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The Impact of Coaching: Early reflections from Ethiopia

In October 2018, EthicalCoach hosted 450 NGO leaders at the Ethiopia NGO Leadership Coaching Summit to introduce them to the power of expert coaching.

EthicalCoach November 1, 2019

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The Journey To-date

One Year Later…. Twelve months have sped by since the exciting first ever NGO Coaching Summit was held in Addis, attended by some 450 leaders from across the Sector.

EthicalCoach October 31, 2019

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Perspectives on Cross Cultural Coaching

Drawn from WBECS Cross Cultural Pre-Summit Panel with Katherine Holt, Nobantu Mpotolu, Marilyn O’Hearne, moderated by Annemarie Provisero. Marilyn O’Hearne: Cultural Intelligence is recognised by leaders around the world.

Marilyn O'Hearne October 25, 2019

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Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and the President of the World Bank Group talk about Coaching, Contribution and the Important Role of EthicalCoach

When it comes to transformative leadership, massive contribution and the drive and ability to create positive change on a global scale.

EthicalCoach February 5, 2018

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From Dreams to Reality – The EthicalCoach launch project Ethiopia 2018-19

Building a Movement starts with People and Ideas In April 2017, EthicalCoach Founder Ben Croft visited various NGOs around the country to determine the viability of a partnership.

EthicalCoach February 1, 2018

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Full update on our inaugural EthicalCoach project

EthicalCoach MISSION: To link world class coaches with leaders of NGOs tackling serious environmental and humanitarian challenges in order to increase their leadership capacity and the effectiveness of their organizations.

EthicalCoach January 8, 2018

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When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion

Amharic Ethiopian proverb: When we stand together, we are stronger. We need to break out of silos to create the changes we seek.

EthicalCoach October 1, 2017

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EthicalCoach: The Founding Story

EthicalCoach was created by Ben Croft. Creating something that does not yet exist requires incredible vision and dedication.

EthicalCoach April 2, 2017

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