Lucy Shenouda

Internationally Experienced Strategist

Lucy Shenouda’s enduring passion is exploring the human condition. She strives to explore the mysteries of the human experience, cultivating best thinking, creativity, and resilience.
As a global citizen, Lucy has lived and worked across three continents. Over a 25-year career, she supported Fortune 500 / Global 500 leaders with branding and marketing expertise. As a Professional Coach, Lucy provides leadership coaching, team coaching and meeting facilitation in support of leadership excellence and value-creation.
Lucy’s lived experience adapting across cultures, diverse environments and challenging circumstances sets the foundation for supporting global clients in reaching their highest potential while navigating their biggest challenges. She strives to foster essential conversations that disrupt workplace complacency, bringing focus and attention to the heart of what really matters for leaders & teams.
From a young age, Lucy is a writer and artist. She’s a connector and strategist, and mother of two adult boys.
Fun Fact: As a teen, Lucy loved collecting perfume bottles and agate stones, found in Canada, US and Egypt!