Sonja Vlaar

For (virtual) conversations that deepen the connection with each other, with nature and with ourselves.

After studying Human Nutrition in Wageningen I went to Mozambique. There I worked 5 for years in healthcare and education, as a nutritionist. I became active starting all kinds of projects. The “we” of African culture (Ubuntu: “I am because we exist”) has had a lot of influence on my education as a person, professional and the interaction with other cultures.

After that, I worked 15 years in international cooperation and I traveled to Brazil, India, Bhutan, Angola, Zimbabwe, to name a few. Traveling broadened my view, outwards and inwards. They are journeys that never stop and continue. Talent development, learning, and change

My clients characterize me as clear in communication, pleasantly direct, result-oriented, flexible and creative.

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An NGO or NGO Umbrella Organization in (English or Portuguese speaking) Africa, working with female leaders to improve their resilience, management, coaching, and facilitation, with support of long-distance virtual learning and/or blended learning. In the educational, health or social sector. Not 100 % charity or emergency & relief but with possibilities for sustainable development.

I am a global citizen, love other cultures and I am socially engaged to contribute to make this world a better place.

  • C-IQ Coach – Conversational Intelligence – CreatingWe Institute
  • Coach for guiding relationships, teams and organizations from a systemic perspective – ORSCC / CRRGlobal
  • Facilitator for Team Assessment & Team Coaching – Team Coaching International
  • TMA® Analysis. TMA Trainer / Coach & Advisor Talent Development