Veronica Wantenaar

Organisational and Individual Change Facilitator, Consultant and Coach

Veronica Wantenaar has over 35 years of international business consulting experience, as well as more than 10 years as a qualified coach. She works with Integral theory, Emotional Intelligence, Transactional Analysis and positive psychology to help individuals and groups to reframe their thinking and world view, opening their minds to new perspectives, building their resilience skills and working to understand how the brain works, as part of developing their self-management processes. She believes that her role is to help clients find their own path, so that they can build sustainable self-coaching mechanisms. To that end, her focus is always on client objectives and helping them take their journey at their own pace, while aligning the objectives of the individuals, with those of the organisation to help individuals and teams move from surviving, to thriving.

Veronica appreciates the passion and commitment that is required to drive non-profit organisations. She sees her role as supporting the leaders and their teams to underpin this purpose with sound and sustainable business practices. This means taking an integrated approach to the organisation in a similar way to that of working with an individual. There needs to be vision and strategy underpinned by sound business practices, strong leadership and the creation of a culture of relationships, teamwork, values and behaviours.

Veronica is looking forward to finding ways of sharing her learnings and experience and continuing to grow her own knowledge of the continent, its diverse people and how we can all benefit from collaborating together.

Veronica is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and a member of several accrediting organisations, including Coaching and Mentoring South Africa (COMENSA – with which she holds several portfolios); The Association for Coaching UK; the South African Transactional Analysis Association, the Global Supervision Network; and the International Coach Network.