Access the World’s Top Coaches to help you fulfill your highest potential - The only cost to you is your commitment

Whether your organization is focused on providing shelter to the homeless or distributing life-saving medical supplies, caring for children in need or saving the rainforest, there are likely to be challenges to overcome. And that is how we can help! EthicalCoach has been created in order to bring the expertise and tools from executive coaching to support the amazing work being done by nonprofit organizations and charities. Executive coaching can dramatically strengthen leadership, increase productivity, save time and create enhanced results. Together, we can make an even greater positive impact on the individuals and communities you serve.

We are bringing together a huge network of experienced high-level coaches who want to be your partners, to bringing their unique perspectives and experiences together for this incredible opportunity. We all can learn from one another, and we can pool our talents to reach our goals together.

Here are some examples of how coaching
will benefit you and your team:

  • Results – improved productivity, faster promotions
  • Clarity – about yourself, how you’re perceived, where you can improve
  • Action – advancement of concept to action with increased speed and precision
  • Perspective – space to hear your own voice
  • Awareness – recognition of the beliefs and attitudes that affect progress
  • Strategy – specific tools to optimize your teams and resources
  • Values – reflection of the values of the organization and how to use these values as a foundation
  • Reflection – opportunity to recognize the ‘blind spots’ and adjust accordingly
  • Connection – emotional support, empathy and encouragement
  • Feedback – coaching delivers direct messages
  • Third-party moderation – for 360-reviews, strategic planning, and conflict resolution
  • Support – tailored specifically to help your team improve skills, communication, delegation, conflict management, team building, persuasion, etc.

Normally, the cost of executive coaching ranges from around USD$ 250 – 3500/hour. The ability to command a fee at this level is based on the results delivered through coaching to individuals, teams and businesses. Now, through EthicalCoach, we are able to bring this level of coaching to charities and nonprofit organizations.

EthicalCoach is for you! As an organization dedicated to making a positive impact in the world, we want to share these incredible resources with you at no financial cost.

This is your invitation to get the benefits of coaching today. See and experience for yourself the power of coaching.

Want to be partnered with an EthicalCoach? We are so excited to grow, co-create and evolve this movement with you. Help us learn a little more about you as a Charity or Nonprofit Organization. Click the button below to start filling out the initial questionnaire.