Our inaugural program, the Ethiopian NGO Leadership Coaching Summit, kicks off in Addis Ababa in 2018 (Dates TBA).

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Why Ethiopia?

Ethiopia has three different climate zones and more than 80 ethnicities and languages. The region has been ravaged by the harsh impacts of climate change. Around a third of the population survives under the poverty line, and the current drought has caused over 10 million Ethiopians to be in need of food assistance.

Extreme hunger and poverty impact all levels of society and development. Without food in the belly, additional pressure is placed on a child trying to study. When there are no crops growing, hundreds of families suffer not only from hunger but also from loss of income. Its own growing population is supplemented by one of the largest refugee populations on the continent of Africa, adding another layer of stress to already existing challenges.

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Challenges that are not unique to Ethiopia. However, what makes Ethiopia attractive as a pilot site are its growing economy and a government committed to Ethiopia having a functioning economic and physical infrastructure. Ethiopia is thus part of Africa but not of Africa given its unique cultural and social history and economic trajectory. Lessons learned in this environment are expected to be more transferable internationally. Further, another factor positioning Ethiopia as an attractive pilot site is its role as a regional or continental home to many of the largest international NGOs. Ethiopia is thus well connected to leverage change to other countries.

The EthicalCoach Ethiopian 2018
NGO Leadership Summit

The EthicalCoach journey kicks off in Addis Ababa in 2018. In pursuit of enabling a better quality of life for some 64 million children across the globe over the next decade, Addis Ababa will host the inaugural NGO Leadership Summit where ten world class coaches will share their wisdom, expertise and tools with 400 NGO leaders. This historic event will be the culmination of over a year of research and careful planning that has brought together volunteers from five continents, collaborating across more than 14 timezones.

The selection of the inaugural Ethiopian coach team will be based on a set of strict criteria developed in conjunction with NGO leaders from majority/developing countries as well as EthicalCoach’s own inaugural advisory group. Summit participants will be sought from among the leaders of NGOs currently supporting children and their families while contributing to the attainment of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Input from local leaders and funders are shaping the workshop topics for the Summit. Participants will leave the Summit with a personal development plan having spent the day extending their knowledge, skills and abilities in such critical leadership areas as:

  • setting direction,
  • motivating the team,
  • leading the change,
  • communicating effectively with external stakeholders,
  • building trust, and
  • influencing action

Access to further leadership resources will be provided and in addition, over $400,000 will be made available in coaching grants, with a minimum of ten lucky NGO leaders being awarded a full year of one-on-one support from our inaugural team of Ethiopia coaches.

Together, we believe we can extend the positive impact of NGO organizations to enable them to reach even more people in need. The increased leadership and organizational capability and capacity that results in each NGO serving and supporting more children is the ultimate evidence of EthicalCoach’s success. Our plan is to replicate and expand the model across the world in every continent and every country.

We will be opening registration for the Ethiopian NGO Leadership Coaching Summit in early 2018.

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Ethiopian NGO Leadership
Coaching Summit

Addis Ababa; October 4-5, 2018

‘When spider webs unite,
they can tie up a lion.’

Amharic Ethiopian proverb