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Amakelech Lulu Tefera

Andrey Akimov Jul 21, 2021

“I believe coaching unleashes the potential within and makes everyone part of the solution to what happens around them and within themselves.” Amakelech Lulu is a Chief Expert Pharmacist who lives and works in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She is the owner and general manager of Gishen Pharmacies and runs 13 branches with 135 employees. She holds a bachelors in Pharmacy from Addis Ababa University, School of Pharmacy, as well as certificates in continuing education programs on Communication Skills Development, Entrepreneurship, Business Communication, and Leadership Skills for Woman. Amakelech is currently Vice President of the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Association and an active member of the Association of Women in Boldness, a Female CEOs Breakfast Club. She served on the board of directors for the Addis Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association from 2016-2018 and is an active member of the Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association, which fights for justice for those women who can’t afford representation. In 2018, Amakelech joined the EthicalCoach team and received her coaching accreditation through the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).