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Amanda Yuill

Andrey Akimov Jul 1, 2021

Amanda Yuill, MS, PCC is a certified leadership coach with a specialization in positive psychology – the study of what makes people thrive and how we can all get a little closer to that state. She works with leaders across their career trajectory, from their first leadership experience through to the executive level. Amanda holds a BS and MS in Industrial Chemistry – this background in the physical sciences informs her coaching, with evidence-based and experimental, iterative approaches at the core of the work she does with her clients. Amanda’s career began in Australia, where she held a variety of technical, strategic and leadership roles in the mining industry before becoming a coach. She gained extensive cross-cultural experience working across the Asia-Pacific region before moving to North America in 2011. A passionate musician, Amanda plays trombone in a number of bands in Denver and New Orleans, and is currently fulfilling a childhood dream of learning the sousaphone!