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Anushly Sithamparam

Andrey Akimov Jul 21, 2021

In this life process, Anushly’s intention is, for her to be an instrument of Love, Compassion, Empathy, Kindness, and Gratitude to every life she touches through the collaborative spaces that she holds for, coaching, mentoring, therapy, and supervision conversations. Her promise is to hold spaces that matters the most to the individuals and systems, for them to discover their Truth, Authentic Potential and Possibilities. In this co created process, as we collectively evolve and heal, her intention is to contribute to manifest consciously or unconsciously and to elevate the Collective Human Self Consciousness for the Greater Good of the People & Planet!

Founder of ImproShare Global Coaching, Consultancy & Clinic. We conduct Team Coaching, Group Coaching, Leadership & Life Coaching. Our coaching work promotes people & planet centered approach for the wellbeing of the community & sustainable profits. We hold clients from individual, companies & communities as well, with holistic coaching ethos. More than 10 industries served which includes youth, professionals, women, leaders & Teams. Stepping into my 20th year of my career. My whole journey has been a naturally evolving journey and the journey led me to the path that I am travelling right now.

Professional Certified Coach (PCC-ICF), Certified Coach Supervisor, ICF Certified Team Coach, Certified Organizational Relationship & Systemic Team Coach, Dr Marshall Goldsmith certified Stakeholder centred Coach Scholar & 360 Global Leadership Assessment Coach, Executive & Team Coach (EMCC), ICF certified PCC Assessor, etc.