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Eric Manu

Andrey Akimov Jul 21, 2021

My coaching approach is tailored to the unique needs of the individual using different models for my client to deliver results in a goal attainment format; which looks something like this: executive effectiveness, leadership competence, emotional intelligence, building strong teams, effective change management, increasing energy, building conflict competence, (re)gaining confidence, managing organizational politics, mitigating derailing behaviors, discerning career direction and more. Eric’s brings deep expertise in international financial markets and institutions, senior executive leadership, team-building and business development, and a proven ability to identify and leverage ideas, talent, and relationships. He has a strong track record of creating a vision, designing and implementing competitive business strategies, marketing, and fundraising, and developing projects from ideas into successful businesses. Eric has a special interest in enabling her clients to form, grow and maintain respectful, high-performing relationships inside and outside their teams. He focuses on expanding perspectives to help his clients thrive in ever-increasing complexity, and to discover new realms of possibility beyond perceived and real limitations. As a Business and Executive coach my objectives are to deliver confidential, forward looking, and inspiring coaching so that every business client meets their short and long-term goals whether financial in nature, getting time back for their personal lives or helping them build and unleash high performance within their teams. My Coaching Value as a coach within organization. Executive Coach, Speaker and Etiquette Consultant scope, I assist my clients and team to discover a better harmony in their business and professional, personal and social environment. Openness and Authenticity are my core values on which I leaver to enable commitment to real change. I appreciate first-hand the complexity of leadership in cultures and environments that differ from culture of origins, as well as navigating between global standards and local practice.