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Gabriel Mott

Andrey Akimov Jul 21, 2021

As a dynamic business development and sales professional, I admire and respect the inspiring and phenomenally vibrant community generated by apps and social media users supporting creative expression and spreading joy. As an ideator and as a team player, I take responsibility for my work, strategically and confidently building the relationships and checking off the tasks required to reach our goals and drive technological adoption.

I’ve been impressed by the creative ability of current technology to cultivate and build community. I appreciate the opportunity to bring people together: add joy, alleviate loneliness, provide opportunities for exposure to the otherwise (on almost every other social media platform) excluded.

I’ve committed my life path to becoming dynamic, visiting different cultures, and bringing awareness to privilege and emphasizing the value of diversity. I’m passionate about creativity, I’ve shown consistent dedication to cultivating opportunities for expression and storytelling at every stage of my career.