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Jackie McConaghy

Andrey Akimov Oct 21, 2021

I work with leaders to develop self-awareness, find new approaches to tackle issues and achieve goals with resource challenges. My approaches will help you create the action needed to produce your desired results.

I have strong values around learning and growing and believing that people can reach their full potential.

The art of coaching is threaded into all facets of my life. I’m a coach who uncovers the passions and strengths of individuals so that they can contribute in meaningful ways at work, and I’m a leadership coach who understands organizational systems, politics, team dynamics and employee engagement and use these as levers to create results in my clients.

As a coach I use diverse life experiences and methods to help cultivate new ideas, explore and play with new opportunities, to create energy and focus to make changes.

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF)
Certificate in Executive Coaching (CEC) through Royal Roads University
Masters in Leadership (MA) through Royal Roads University