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Judith Martin

Andrey Akimov Jul 21, 2021

As Structure & Flow, I provide the trustful thinking partnership and open, reflective space for focused dialogue – a space to make sense of opportunities and dilemmas from different perspectives, to gain new insights and explore future possibilities. I support and challenge leaders, managers, teams and other professionals through coaching, training and facilitation as they try out new approaches and behaviors, questioning established structures, assumptions and ways of working. Maybe the task is reinvention or to shape a common purpose and set of values or to clarify a vision and direction moving forward. Or perhaps it’s to develop greater awareness through critical self-examination or the mindset and confidence to learn new skills. Other themes might include: driving change and shaping culture, building strong relationships and communication, working across cultures and diversity, developing and inspiring others, and building resourcefulness, resilience, self-care and personal effectiveness. My approach combines the structure of frameworks, processes, planning, boundaries and discipline, with the flow of improvisation, creativity, playful exploration, autonomy and fun. It is principle-led, holistic and adaptive. It involves seeing the systems and patterns in context and culture, integrating knowledge from various disciplines, and upholding high professional standards and ethical practice.