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Katie Milton

Andrey Akimov Jul 21, 2021

Katie Milton Jordan has owned and operated 5 small businesses (and counting). She’s currently a Producer at a boutique business brokerage ensuring women entrepreneurs command a complete package of what it is they actually want.

Because there is an infinite sea of details, considerations, and consequences to address when buying or selling a business. For sellers, the big question isn’t just, how much can I get for my business, but – How do I relinquish the legacy I built? For buyers, the big question isn’t just, how much will this business pay me, but – How do I inherit another person’s life’s work and take it to the next level?

Anyone can strike a bogus deal and get money to exchange hands. But with full transparency, sincere respect and a dash of grit and class, you can make the perfect buyer/seller match, avoid remorse, and transition beautifully into the next adventure of your life.