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Larissa Thurlow

Andrey Akimov Jul 21, 2021

Larissa designs and delivers facilitation, coaching, coach supervision, mentoring, leadership development and change leadership support services. Her clients include international Human Resource professionals, Executives and middle managers in the Business, Education, Health Care, IT, Finance, Oil and Gas and Government sectors. She customizes solutions on such topics as team development, coaching skills, change leadership, resiliency, and employee engagement.

She develops and co-creates greater self awareness and reveals personal and systems “blindspots” to clients and stakeholders. Larissa is skilled in shifting mindsets, recognizing and leveraging strengths and building the capacity of diverse leaders to improve individual and team performance and boost organizational effectiveness.

Her openness, transparency and unwavering commitment to delivering results gains leaders’ trust and helps them dig deep, identify and align core values, and to reflect on the systems they are a part of in order to lead with a renewed vision and passion and deliver impactful results.

Larissa has a proven track record of building global relationships and creating vibrant communities of practice that highlight best practices and foster collaboration and continuous learning.