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Laura Berger

Andrey Akimov Feb 16, 2022

Laura Berger is the founder and CEO of Berdéo Group, a global leadership development consultancy. A pioneer in an evidence-based methodology that measures the before-and-after leadership competencies of her clients, Laura has spent 20+ years coaching exceptional leaders into the C-suite and boardroom.

Her twenty-year journey into executive coaching yielded her natural true north—enabling and empowering leaders to take their best actions toward their loftiest pursuits. A subsequent purpose-driven quest led her into government and public policy. In October 2020, Laura Berger became a Trustee at the Committee for Economic Development and The Conference Board. This membership puts Laura on the frontlines of cutting-edge public policy decisions, bringing a corporate perspective to policy recommendations delivered to Washington. What’s more, she has access to a unique and rare understanding of economic policy that enables her to impart to her Clients more solid thinking that gives them a more secure footing on the global stage.

Evidence Based Coaching CEBC, Fielding Graduate Institute, International Coaching Federation PCC, Conversational Intelligence, Narrative Coaching, Enneagram, EQ-i 2.0, EQ 360 B, Pearman Personality Integrator.