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Leslie Hamilton

Andrey Akimov Jul 21, 2021

Leslie Hamilton, MEd, MBA, is a change facilitator and coach with over 20 years of experience in people and organisational performance. She assists professionals to achieve measurable results by building resilient relationships, productive processes and related systems. Using researched, practical and creative techniques, she helps clients fulfill their aspirations to contribute value with others and feel valued by others.

Leslie’s work is informed by her formal education in psychology, education and business; her training in human communication and organisational systems; and her life experience as a leader, solopreneur, parent and ex-patriot living in New Zealand. Her experience and versatility enables her to offer a customised approach to each employee ranging from CEOs to front-line service representatives. Her clients work across sectors including technology, research, academic, healthcare, government, and sports organisations.

Clients consistently comment that she both challenges and supports them to create results beyond their expectations. Their success and satisfaction is demonstrated by their repeated requests for her services throughout their careers, with their team and across their organisations.

CoachU Graduate; Certified Conversational IQ Coach; TetraMap Behaviour Style Certified Facilitator; Team Management Systems Certified Facilitator; ROI Institute Consultant