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Lisa Galinski

Andrey Akimov Jul 21, 2021

Lisa Galinski, PCC, CPCC, JD. is an experienced leadership coach and facilitator who wears a number of hats that enable individuals and teams to develop stronger relationships, have a greater awareness of their impact and enhance their ability to achieve desired outcomes. As a former attorney with nine years experience in the legal field, Lisa understands the importance of working with both individuals and systems to affect change. She coaches a wide range of leaders including corporate executives, attorneys, entrepreneurs, artists and rising women professionals to help people bring the best of themselves and a strong sense of purpose in their work to increase their positive impact. She coaches teams to leverage their diversity to collaborate more effectively and resolve conflict from a systemic perspective. As a continuous improvement facilitator she leads teams through culture change, coaching new mindsets and behaviors that result in breakthrough thinking, problem solving and transformed performance outcomes.