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Marc Bowles

Andrey Akimov Jul 21, 2021

I work at the intersection of leadership, conversations, and education. I spend every day thinking about how we can use conversations to create leaders that are more engaging, people centered, and inspiring. I’ve been recognized and acknowledged for my innovative approaches to connecting people and organizations to the purpose of their work. With an insatiable curiosity, entrepreneurial mindset, and ability to see the possibilities through the connection of ideas, people, and conversation, my creative spirit and experiences bring fresh ideas to shake life up! I’m currently the CEO of MB Global, where I work to bring global leaders to conversations that align with my values of connecting through conversations to change the world. Being a supportive coach and driver of positive change to the next generation is what fuels me to serve others. That got me here… and I guess it’s what brought you here too. So, let’s work together on creating the inclusive, diverse respectful future that naysayers never believed in…and invite them to our journey.