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Michele H. Cohen

Andrey Akimov Apr 1, 2022

I am a executive & leadership coach with a strong background in International trade, sales, marketing, product development & general management of SMEs working globally.

I have a Masters degree in International Business, a degree in Economics from Cornell University in the USA and coursework in Behavioural Science, Positive Psychology, Coaching, Negotiation and Business Management.

Having acquired experience across a wide variety of industries including technology, manufacturing, consumer goods, fashion, food and beverage, and finance has helped me gain a broad perspective of organizational structure and competitive environments.

I have expertise in Cross-cultural communication and leadership. I work and travel extensively and have consulted with companies in 52 countries.

Some of my clients work at large corporations, but I love to coach entrepreneurs and leaders at fast passed, high growth companies and start-ups.

+1000 coaching hours with executives, managers, entrepreneurs and leaders globally in English and Spanish.