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Peter Arthur

Andrey Akimov Apr 19, 2022

My approach to coaching

Coaching is a partnership in which the coach inspires clients, through a process of thought provoking and creative interventions, to reach their full potential.

My approach to coaching is significantly influenced by my experience in the workplace over 37 years as a corporate lawyer in South Africa both as a partner in Africa’s largest law firm and as a General Counsel of a FTSE 100 company.

Over these 37 years I have realised that there is a strong link between optimal performance in the world of work and emotional robustness. Accordingly, where appropriate, I work with clients to focus on their inner strengths and self awareness in relation to the goals which clients have established for their coaching sessions.

Through my own experiences, I have a good understanding of the pressures that clients face when trying to balance meeting the needs of their own demanding clients with life outside the office as well as finding a successful route through complex relationships and less than optimal management of people.

In addition as I have been both a provider and user of corporate legal services I feel I can offer valuable insights into what it is like to be on both sides of any professional relationship but more especially in the world of law.

My core coaching principles

In every coaching relationship I apply a number of core principles –

• I act ethically according to what best serves the needs of the client;
• I aim to be empathetic, supportive, totally non-judgmental and unconditional;
• I endeavour to stretch clients to step outside their comfort zone – the “loving boot” in coaching speak;
• I am open and honest and open to receiving feedback which is similarly open, honest and direct;
• I listen carefully with an uncluttered mind and observe non-verbal cues;
• I aim to create a safe and totally confidential space to enable clients to build trust and feel empowered to be their authentic selves.

Coaching model

I am an eclectic and intuitive coach. Whilst I believe the various coaching models provide a useful framework for my coaching, I do not follow them slavishly. My model is to be flexible and to allow the clients’ needs to guide each coaching session. I support clients to help them work out their own solutions with a view to reaching their full potential

Academy of Executive Coaching (practitioner diploma) and ACE Journey to Mastery 2021