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Sam Farmer

Andrey Akimov Jul 21, 2021

Sam is Owner-Director of Enhance Facilitation Limited and an Associate Fellow of the International Society for Coaching Psychology. He specializes in Leadership Coaching, Psychosocial Support and Professional Supervision. Regularly consulting to Médecins Sans Frontières (Netherlands), as well as coaching leaders and teams operating in high emotional impact environments, he is familiar with contexts where limited time and information, and high risk, are key features of decision making. Sam advocates that leadership is a team responsibility, where high performance is gained from developing quality relationships leading to productive and meaningful work. Identifying and working towards their values, he works alongside supervisees to engage clients who strive to balance the demands of organizational and interpersonal expectations and dynamics amidst constant change. Sam also facilitates Action Learning Groups for senior leaders, and presents articles and seminars on his practice areas. Integrating Acceptance and Commitment Training and other strength-based approaches, Sam sustains a structured approach to his work. He is also acknowledged for his non-judgmental and good-humored ability to challenge clients to draw upon their own, and others’, strengths to engage confidently with the diverse expectations, conflicts and successes of the work place. As a (New Zealand/Aotearoa) registered psychologist and informed by his ethical responsibilities, Sam’s coaching model is transparent, collaborative, confidential and safe for his clients from beginning to end.