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Sari Buksner

Andrey Akimov Mar 24, 2022

I work with individuals, leaders, and entrepreneurs to clarify their professional and/or personal vision, map out their goals and enhance their performance. I engage in deep listening, empathy, compassion, and curiosity to activate authentic motivation and propel results with ease and flow. My coaching adheres to the ICF’s core competencies while being powered by my own life journey. I have decades of senior-level business development experience where I have coached creators and entrepreneurs, and managed teams, particularly in the field of media and entertainment. I have also worked as a journalist where I developed a passion for critical thinking and social justice. I am committed to living inside-out and have raised my children to do the same. I have studied, practiced, and taught yoga and meditation for well-being and relaxation. I integrate a body-based approach to coaching and recently finished a certification in Somatic Embodiment. I am inspired by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh – “It is not about doing something; it is about being. Every action will come out of that because peace, stability, and freedom always seek a way to express themselves in action.”

PPCC (Professional & Personal Coach Certification / ACSTH approved), Concordia University’s Molson Executive Centre in Montreal, Canada.