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Sook Hyung Paek

Andrey Akimov Feb 16, 2022

I bring 30+ years of experience to different career fields and leadership experience in one of the largest MNC companies based in Hong Kong. I developed knowledge of what authentic leadership presence can do for individuals and how to nurture individual’s unique strengths and abilities.

I regard my clients as an expert in their own life and work, and every client is creative, resourceful, and whole. Therefore, I act as their sounding board and help them see and connect with their inner core beliefs and strengths. I offer an approach that allows clients to create positive shifts in their own mindset, with a focus on building confidence and developing an authentic leadership presence. I also help the individuals to foster a “growth mindset” to navigate the organizational, interpersonal, and individual challenges and unconscious biases that hinder their aspirations.

I am most proud that I have the courage to reimagine my third phase of life and work, pursuing my aspirations and providing a role model for those who would like to make their own leap of faith for a meaningful life. I will continue to stay curious, reinvent myself and make contribution to a better & equitable world.