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Steve Tulowitzki

Andrey Akimov Jul 1, 2021

I am a Professional Certified Coach (ICF PCC). I am a father and a husband. I am a white man. I am an elected official. I am an engineer. I am a strategy consultant. In the face of social and racial injustice, I summon the courage to take action that makes a difference. Having no political background or prior experience, I ran for public office in 2019. I am now the youngest person to serve on the Munster, Indiana Town Council in more than 20 years. I am committed to bringing social and racial equity to the government. The purpose of my coaching work is to spark the rise of authenticity in the world. I draw on 20 years of client service in my work: 13 years strategy consulting for multinational corporations in more than 10 countries plus 7 years coaching over 500 clients and teams.