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Victoria Liu

Andrey Akimov Jul 21, 2021

Victoria Liu specializes in helping professionals in high-stress environments achieve greater success and satisfaction without burnout whilst maintaining their authenticity, values, and health. Being a polyglot helps Victoria work in seven countries consulting across 20+ companies, leading and coaching hundreds of teams and individuals. Her clients include leaders from Fortune 500 companies like Google, IBM, Apple, AXA, global Investment Banks, Big 4 consultancies, magic circle law firms, and Richemont Group. Victoria understands the unique needs of culturally diverse teams and the leadership skills necessary to reach high performance, maximize returns and improve staff engagement in this globalized market. She provides unique and powerful insights to the typical C-suite and shines a different light on Diversity & Inclusion strategies, harnesses growth potential in changing women in leadership, develops values-led cultures and mentally resilient teams. Her coaching practice is based on the latest scientific research combined with decades of practical experience in professional services delivering global transformation and leadership development. Victoria has a vast understanding of human and management psychology as well as behavioral science, underpinned by specialist training from Cambridge University and David Peterson (Former Global Head of Executive Coaching and Leadership at Google) and a deep-rooted desire to support others to fulfil their potential and beyond. She lives in London.