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Willa Hallowell

Andrey Akimov Jul 21, 2021

My approach to developing global leaders is based on 31 years of experience coaching leaders from across the world. As a partner in GROVEWELL LLC, I also oversaw a coaching practice spanning six continents. We developed a highly effective approach to coaching across cultures, one that resonates with the coachee’s worldview. My coaching comprises a blend of rigor, compassion, and cross-cultural experience; my objective is to foster visionary, globally agile leaders. Recipients gain a heightened ability to respond wisely to unanticipated challenges and increase their organizational impact. Coaching women leaders also has been central to my practice. A high point was three years of supporting female coaches across Europe who provided coaching to 30 EMEA-based participants over a 12-month women’s leadership development program. The coaches and I convened regularly to address challenges, identify patterns, and leverage best practices. Women coaching women was a meaningful experience for us all. I look forward to supporting the WILD Network’s advancement of women in global development.