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Andrey Akimov Feb 21, 2022

“You eat an elephant one bite at a time” my Coach. Before the EthicalCoach program I was battling through life and just surviving, I had my plans for my personal life, business and leadership but I was battling the wrong way. Right from our first Session my coach install an environment of trust where I felt safe, it was our vulnerability circle. Each and every session for me was a self-discovery journey, a paradigm shift. I learned and discovered about my own self, my coach then equiped me with tools to impact my business and she helped me strategize my leadership journey but most of all her work was focused on me, me as a dad, as a husband, as a son, as a leader and as a citizen. I did not want the Ethicalcoach program to end and I believe it’s one of the best thing ever happen to people around me and my community because everything I was learning was directly transfered to my hub and family members. I’m thankful and grateful.