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Hawa Camara

Andrey Akimov Feb 18, 2022

When I had initially applied for the program, I didn’t know what to expect. I had never had a coach before. I was paired with a coach, who ended up being more than a coach. She truly changed my life! Her patience with me is what struck me initially. She guided me through the process, leading me to open up about some things that I have never shared with anyone but that had traumatized me enough to create my negative mindset. She worked with me, giving me the tools and exercises to help me understand the ‘what? why? and how?’. I have absolutely benefitted from this program in ways I didn’t think were possible. This is not only going to impact my professional career, but my personal life as well. Thank you so much, my coach! And thank you, EthicalCoach, for the opportunity! Truly transformative for me!