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Mayuri Bhattacharjee

Andrey Akimov Feb 21, 2022

“Before answering what coaching is, I want to be clear that what good coaching is not: your coach will not give you advice or an atkins diet plan to follow. Coaching is like cracking open a walnut, which is you and idea of self gently with questions. When at the end of 45 mins, I would feel so surprised to discover that I had the answers all this while but what I lacked was a process. At the end of our coaching program, I came up with a self coaching methodology with my coach. I also came up with ways to make this process sustainable. I realised that as an adolescent, jornaling was a great way for me to keep my sanity amid raging hormones and emotions. I had left it and now I think journaling couled with the self coaching methodology would be a great way for me to make this process sustainable. I think coaching is sustainable while being told to do things by a guru creates dependency. I am thankful to the Global Shapers Community for this opportunity.