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Samuel Mutambo

Andrey Akimov Feb 21, 2022

From the inception of EthicalCoach, my expectation was that I will be taught on issues I was raising where I needed to understand. But as we progressed, I realized that I was to find solutions, suggestions my self on the issues I needed understanding. For example, I could propose a topic say, how to become a good mentor to staff and people around me. The Coach would ask me again on how I think I can become a good mentor to staff and people around me. Then I would start thinking and explaining according to my understanding on how I can be a good mentor. In the process, almost all the answers were still coming from myself of course with the guidance from the coach. This made me realize that every individual has solution to what can make him or her better in any area of life, what lacks is someone to help you realize the potential in you. This relates to what is being promoted globally – “Community led Development”. In this case, it can be called “Individual Led Development”.