The Hunger Project is a global movement of individuals and organizations in 23 countries worldwide working in authentic partnership for the sustainable end of hunger.

The Hunger Project was founded in 1977, in the wake of the rising debate on world hunger triggered by the first Rome World Food Conference.

The Hunger Project is a global, non-profit, strategic organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger with a mission is to end hunger and poverty by pioneering sustainable, grassroots, women-centered strategies and advocating for their widespread adoption in countries throughout the world.

Mindset shift is at the heart of The Hunger Project’s programs. The Hunger Project and EthicalCoach believe that leadership coaching is a key component for building leadership capacity. We’re on a mission to put data behind that belief.

Thirteen members of The Hunger Project have been selected for six months of pro-bono leadership coaching around their most pressing organizational, team and professional challenges.

They have been matched with coaches drawn from EthicalCoach’s international network and both leaders and coaches who will participate in action research in parallel to the coaching.

Coaching Team

Drawn from nine different countries, coaches provide 1:1 executive leadership coaching to the selected leaders.

Veronica Wantenaar

Organizational and Individual Change Facilitator, Consultant and Coach

United Kingdom

Veronica is an organizational and individual change facilitator, consultant and coach. She is an ICF PCC and coach mentor as well as a COMENSA (Coaching and Mentoring South Africa) Senior Practitioner and Registered Supervisor. With over 35 years of experience, she has worked with non-profit organizations involved in early childhood development through to aged seniors programs, international conservation, education, emerging entrepreneurs and social outreach. She believes in taking coaching to areas that were previously unable to access it, so helping to build a more equal society for the future. Veronica has over 35 years of experience in business consulting and change management in the UK, Europe and across Africa, working in diverse industries such as government, financial services, retail, education, healthcare and community /NGO. She added coaching to the mix over 10 years ago as she could see that many individuals and organizations struggled with change and needed the additional support that coaching brings. Having run her own businesses, she could understand the many requirements and challenges that leaders face. Her experience has led her to believe that as individuals we have many roles to play in our lives, both personal and professional, and we want to be the best version of ourselves in all of them, whilst staying true to our values. That insight underpins all of Veronica’s work with her clients, assisting them to adapt to their changing world while retaining their integrity. Veronica trained as an Integral Coach where the focus is on the individual and how they are in relationship to others and to the systems of which they are part, both personally and professionally. Veronica has also been devoting time and energy over the last ten years to working with non-profit organizations and communities to enable them to engage more effectively and strategically with their work and stakeholders. Veronica has facilitated focus groups, community building events and training programs for a variety of individuals and organizations that include teachers, emerging entrepreneurs, youths, health workers and professional organizations.

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Sharon Jansen

Executive Coach at MindShift Executive Coaching - Past President ICF Gauteng - Faculty Member SACAP

South Africa

Sharon Jansen specializes in coaching, team development, design, development and delivery of personal insight initiatives that increase self awareness and create a desire for full consciousness living. Successful leaders are those who have a healthy relationship with themselves and can combine management of self with their leadership capabilities and technical expertise. Relationship and conversation capabilities are critical executive competencies and Sharon coaches executives and teams to enter this territory. Building skill and courage to have the fierce conversations that can change the course of lives and businesses is where Sharon does a great deal of her work. Starting with the fierce conversations we have to have with ourselves before we can have them with anyone else. In South Africa there are a number of definitions of transformation, chief of which is the Black Economic Empowerment aspect, however there are environments where integral transformational change is at the heart of the business, and Sharon is attracted to organizations who are committed to work of this nature. She coaches transformational leaders at all levels of the business. Sharon has a strong business, leadership development and organizational change background in the financial services industry where she spent 26 years with one of South Africa’s leading financial service organizations.

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Karin Wellbrock

Leadership & Executive Coach to develop transformational leaders and high performing teams

Tokyo, Japan

Karin is passionate about helping people to be at their best – especially at the workplace. As a coach her focus is on leaders who want to be genuine and authentic. These leaders know themselves and know how to have positive impact on the people and world around them. Karin has a German background together with international education and work experience. She holds an MBA and MA international relationships from Germany and the United States and has worked for UNESCO in Paris, NEC Electronics in Europe and almost two decades for Deloitte Consulting in Europe, North American as well as East and South-East Asia in progressive roles. She found her true calling in people development as a coach, mentor, and advisor when she joined Kay Group – an executive coaching and team development firm in Tokyo – in 2017. Her concentration is on awareness coaching to enable personal break through and learning as well as systemic coaching to allow for context and stakeholder interests to achieve the stated objectives. She frequently works with first time leaders who want to become confident and find their unique voices. Karin is native speaking English and German. Breakthrough Coach, Gallup Strengths Coach, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach and Team Coach

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Lucy Shenouda

Leadership & Systemic Team Coach


Lucy Shenouda is founder of FosterEssence Inc. and a leadership and systemic team coach. With deep understanding of business processes, Lucy fosters coaching conversations on operational excellence, team alignment, and resilient leadership. As a corporate professional, Lucy held leadership roles in marketing and strategic planning. With Fortune and Global 500 organizations in the MENA region, she partnered with brand ambassadors in India, Lebanon, Nigeria, Indonesia, and the GCC. Lucy co-led learning integration of stellar brand and people experiences for Unilever, McDonald's, Nestlé and Showtime Arabia (now OSN). Lucy facilitates and curates online live speaker sessions, provides pro-bono coaching for Up With Women and Foundation, is an advisor for the Durham College International Business Program, and a published author. MCC, CPCC, ORSCC, EMCC ITCA Practitioner

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Michele H. Cohen

Executive Coach


I am a executive & leadership coach with a strong background in International trade, sales, marketing, product development & general management of SMEs working globally. I have a Masters degree in International Business, a degree in Economics from Cornell University in the USA and coursework in Behavioural Science, Positive Psychology, Coaching, Negotiation and Business Management. Having acquired experience across a wide variety of industries including technology, manufacturing, consumer goods, fashion, food and beverage, and finance has helped me gain a broad perspective of organizational structure and competitive environments. I have expertise in Cross-cultural communication and leadership. I work and travel extensively and have consulted with companies in 52 countries. Some of my clients work at large corporations, but I love to coach entrepreneurs and leaders at fast passed, high growth companies and start-ups. +1000 coaching hours with executives, managers, entrepreneurs and leaders globally in English and Spanish.

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Sari Buksner

Goal-Oriented, Transformational, Life and Business Coach


I work with individuals, leaders, and entrepreneurs to clarify their professional and/or personal vision, map out their goals and enhance their performance. I engage in deep listening, empathy, compassion, and curiosity to activate authentic motivation and propel results with ease and flow. My coaching adheres to the ICF’s core competencies while being powered by my own life journey. I have decades of senior-level business development experience where I have coached creators and entrepreneurs, and managed teams, particularly in the field of media and entertainment. I have also worked as a journalist where I developed a passion for critical thinking and social justice. I am committed to living inside-out and have raised my children to do the same. I have studied, practiced, and taught yoga and meditation for well-being and relaxation. I integrate a body-based approach to coaching and recently finished a certification in Somatic Embodiment. I am inspired by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh – “It is not about doing something; it is about being. Every action will come out of that because peace, stability, and freedom always seek a way to express themselves in action.” PPCC (Professional & Personal Coach Certification / ACSTH approved), Concordia University’s Molson Executive Centre in Montreal, Canada.

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Tatiana Petrova

Executive and Personal Development Coach


After years of coaching leaders and teams as part of my global corporate HR roles, I’ve discovered transformative potential of Co-Active coaching for driving meaningful change. I coach people in transition, who want to shift something in their lives. I’m keen to support you in clarifying what you really care about, de-stucking stuck places, meeting your unique challenges, realising ambitions and expanding your impact.

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Oluwatoyin Ademola

Oluwatoyin Ademola

Transformational Strategist


A strategic growth and business coach, with a focus on creating transformational shifts with organizations, teams, and individuals, by empowering clients with tools and strategies for sustainable growth and specified defined level of success through value-based coaching. This coach specializes in strategic intelligence and planning, business transformation, and collaborative culture. Her executive track record has produced exceptional bottom-line results in multi-million-dollar business units. A high -profile senior executive and professional Facilitator/Coach extensively experienced in delivering bold marketing, communications, and business- development programs for leaders and Businesses. An exceptional communicator who excels in cross cultural and multicultural coaching and the impact of its influences in professional development and leveraging relationships with senior corporate and public leaders. Key Focus Areas include but are not limited to; Transformational Leadership Team Coaching and Development, Business Start-ups & Development, Strategic Planning, Strategic Business Coaching, Career Critical Skills Coaching, and training, CEO/Board Level Coaching.

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Liliana Jurado

Executive Leadership Coach | Systemic Team Coach

United States

I partner with leaders and teams to develop collective collaborative leadership. During the past 2 years, globalization, digitalization, and high complexity have required organizations to shift from individual leadership to collective leadership development to become more resilient. So, I help leaders enhance their self-awareness, systemic and complex thinking, presence, and leadership maturity to learn, adapt, and thrive amidst these complex dynamics. As a result, they become better-equipped learners to foster cross-functional collaboration, promote collective intelligence, and impact diverse stakeholder groups. Holistically, I address development by engaging the whole person for long-lasting results and a more significant impact. By applying an evidence-based and systemic approach to leadership and coaching, I help teams and leaders increase their performance (what they do now), capability (their ability to perform in the future), and capacity (how they do more with less). Moreover, I draw on my 14+ years of work experience in multiple industries and global organizations, such as the United Nations, to bring a multicultural perspective and support my clients the best. In addition, I am pursuing an M.A. in Human Development and a Ph.D. in Organizational Development and Change at Fielding University, and I am a bilingual business professional (MBA). I am a Professional Certified Coach (CPC, PCC) by the University of Miami and ICF, a Certified Team Coach Practitioner through EMCC and GTCI, and a graduate student of the Evidence Based Coaching for Organizational Leadership Program from Fielding University. Additionally, I am certified in Conversational Intelligence, Narrative Coaching, and the Leadership Circle Profile and DISC assessments.

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Heather Wilkerson

Executive, Career, and Transformation Coach, Professional Development Consultant

United States

Heather holds a Master’s in Counseling, received coaching training and certification through CTI, and is PCC credentialed from ICF. Heather is the founder of Heather Wilkerson Coaching where she provides executive, career, and transformational coaching for individuals and organizations. She has partnered with 100’s of clients using proven techniques to clarify and connect with their strengths and values resulting in goal achievement. She has expertise in helping professionals overcome roadblocks, developing leadership skills, and managing change. Heather sees her real success in what her clients have been able to achieve through her dedication to their goals, visions, and discovery of a more fulfilling life. Heather began her career in Human Resources and Employee Assistance Programs. Since then, she has led leadership development programs, built three different comprehensive career development departments, wrote and presented numerous training and development programs including an award-winning professional development webinar series. She has over 20 years of coaching experience working in Higher Ed, Fortune 100 companies, the Federal Government, and healthcare organizations. Heather lives in Rhode Island with her husband and has 4 children at various stages of launch! She enjoys running, yoga, music, boating, and hiking. PCC Certification through ICF and CPCC Certificaation through the CTI

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Karin Wilms

Coach | Business Developer


“I joined Ethical Coach because, in the end, I want to look back and be able to say: ‘I really showed my light and did my best to contribute to this world.’ ” Karin Wilms holds two masters degrees (MSc Public Administration, MA Governance and Development) and has over 15 years of work experience in international cooperation. She has worked for multiple NGOs around the world and has lived in Africa for over 10 years (South Africa, Ghana, Mali, and Ethiopia). Currently Karin is based in the Netherlands where she works as a Business Developer and coach. She received her coaching accreditation through the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and finds joy in working with individuals and teams through life and leadership coaching. Working with EthicalCoach, she is contributing to better-performing individuals/teams in developing organizations, leading to more positive impact and a better world. EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA) Practitioner

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Fernando Dias

Leadership & Team Coach and a Designer & Facilitator of Talent Development Programmes

United Kingdom

After a successful career in banking in São Paulo & NYC, Fernando is Associate Consultant & Faculty with Insights Discovery (UK), an Jungian based psychometric tool for personal, team and organizational development. He gained a M.Sc. (Merit) in Organizational Psychology at Birkbeck College (UK) and trained as Executive Ontological Coach at Escuela Europea de Coaching (Spain). He currently is an ACC with the ICF. Fernando has also earned certifications in Systemic Team Coaching from the AoEC (UK) (Basic+Advanced) and 6 Team Conditions/Team Diagnostic Survey (US) (Levels I, II & III) and is now part of the 6 Team Conditions Faculty. Besides his executive & team coaching at top multinationals, Fernando volunteers in several pro-bono coaching initiatives with the ICF in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

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Nishi Ayer

Global Leadership Coach & Talent Executive

United States

Nishi Ayer offers 25 years of worldwide experience as a Certified Global Leadership Coach, Talent Executive, and Psychologist who supports high-potential leaders, empowering them with confidence to propel their careers and lives. Accustomed to working in diverse cultures, she creates a “safe yet challenging coaching space” to explore greater self-awareness, strategizing ways to navigate leadership challenges and opportunities to ensure high performance and fulfilling careers.

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Diana NDücker

Strategic Business Mentoring - Team Coaching Foundation Certified Coach


Professional services in Strategic Planning for Businesses and in Human Development, working with C Level, Executives and Entrepreneurs in order to boost soft skills, aiming towards growth opportunities and focusing on productivity and efficiency in teams, with specialized Programs as: Leadership, Integration, High Value and Performance Teams, Assertive Communication, Negotiation, Customer Service and Commercial Tools. WBECS Pro Coach - Team Coaching Foundation Certified Coach

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Sylvia Vriesendorp

Independent coach, team coach and consultant

United States

Originally from the Netherlands, Sylvia lived and worked in Lebanon (ICRC), Senegal (UNESCO) and Afghanistan (USAID) for several years, became an American citizen in 2005, and currently lives in Massachusetts. Sylvia is fluent in Dutch, English and French. Sylvia has 7 years coaching experience and is an Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching Certified Professional Coach (CPC), an International Coaching Federation Associated Certified Coach (ACC). Sylvia is also a certified Conversational Intelligence® (CIQ) Coach. Sylvia’s coaching practice is focused on helping senior NGO leaders, especially in Francophone and Anglophone Africa bring out the best in themselves and their staff and navigate the turbulences of our times. ACC (ICF), Team coaching Foundations certified coach (Global Team Coaching Institute), Certified professional coach (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching)

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Paul Lim

Leadership Facilitator/Executive & Team Coach/OD consultant


Paul is an experienced leadership development practitioner, executive and systemic team coach, coach supervisor and change consultant, based in Singapore. He went independent in 2014 after 30 years with both private and public sectors. His last corporate role was with the Singapore public service, where he headed up the Centre for Leadership Development and OD and introduced coaching and coaching supervision to the public service. Before that he was Regional Director/MD with international consulting firms, working across Asia-Pacific. His clients value his insights from his depth and breadth of experience and his sensitivity to the cultural context of Asia, where he operates. Outside of work, he enjoys reading, walking and spending time with family and community. He provides pro bono coaching to schools and non-profits as part of his giving back to community. He is fluent in English and conversant in Chinese, Malay and local dialects

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Leslie Hamilton

Coach: Catalysing change through conversations

New Zealand

Leslie Hamilton, MEd, MBA, is a change facilitator and coach with over 20 years of experience in people and organisational performance. She assists professionals to achieve measurable results by building resilient relationships, productive processes and related systems. Using researched, practical and creative techniques, she helps clients fulfill their aspirations to contribute value with others and feel valued by others. Leslie’s work is informed by her formal education in psychology, education and business; her training in human communication and organisational systems; and her life experience as a leader, solopreneur, parent and ex-patriot living in New Zealand. Her experience and versatility enables her to offer a customised approach to each employee ranging from CEOs to front-line service representatives. Her clients work across sectors including technology, research, academic, healthcare, government, and sports organisations. Clients consistently comment that she both challenges and supports them to create results beyond their expectations. Their success and satisfaction is demonstrated by their repeated requests for her services throughout their careers, with their team and across their organisations. CoachU Graduate; Certified Conversational IQ Coach; TetraMap Behaviour Style Certified Facilitator; Team Management Systems Certified Facilitator; ROI Institute Consultant

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Shannon Salentine

Leadership Coach + Team Facilitator + Speaker

United States

Shannon Salentine is a leadership coach and consultant. She works one on one with individuals and groups to find clarity in their purpose, take action, and make a difference in the world. Shannon believes that when we bring our whole selves to serve the needs of our community and world, we leverage our strengths and humanity to live and lead fully with courage, compassion, and integrity. She’s passionate about partnering with leaders to hold their vision for a better world while integrating the practices and tools they need to amplify their leadership and sustain their own well-being. Based in Durham, North Carolina, Shannon works globally with individuals and organizations. She is a trained Co-Active Coach with a Professional Coach Certificate from the International Coaches Federation and a Master of Public Health in International Health and Development from Tulane University. Her coaching approach draws from additional certifications in the Leadership Circle Profile and the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory and training in the neuroscience of coaching, embodied coaching, mindful meditation, and anti-racism. Shannon has over 20 years of experience working in public health and global development. Over the course of her career she developed as a leader and a coach while supporting teams from around the world working to improve health systems. On the day to day, you can find Shannon coaching, collaborating, and speaking on living a mindful and purpose-driven life. She spends her week mornings getting her kids to school (mostly on-time) and her weekends with her family exploring Durham, NC and beyond.

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Sue Gammons

Executive Coach | Leadership Development | Diverse Talent Programmes

United Kingdom

Sue Gammons is an EMCC Accredited Executive Coach at Senior Practitioner level based in the UK. She has worked for 30 years with healthcare company GSK where, as a business leader, she led global teams and transformational projects before moving into HR-aligned roles. Sue has been a coach since 2011 and brings a mix of compassion and challenge to the coaching relationship. She enjoys helping leaders to find their authentic style of leadership, to explore what holds them back and how they can maximize their impact in the world. Sue also has experience of designing and leading large scale, global coaching programs, including an award-winning women’s leadership development program and the training of internal company coaches. She also led a global employee volunteering program through which company employees use their professional skills on full-time assignments with non-profit organizations.

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Philippe Mathijs

Award Winning Global Executive Coach for Leaders and Managers | CxO Advisor | Bespoke experiential corporate training | ICF Global Ambassador, Ethics Community of Practice

United Arab Emirates

Originally from the Netherlands, and living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Philippe is fluent in Dutch, English, and French. Philippe has more than 10 years coaching experience, and is an International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach, an ICF executive board member, and ICF Global Ambassador, Ethics Community of Practice. Philippe is the co-founder of Reach Outstanding—a company that provides executive coaching and bespoke experiential training programs to individuals and organizations. Philipe specializes in professional executive coaching for managers and leaders, organizational change management coaching, and corporate workshops and team coaching. In February 2020, Philippe was awarded the prestigious Excellence in Finance – Leaders’ Award during the Finext conference for his contribution to the Finance Industry. Phillip also received the United Arab Emirates Prestige Award for Best Executive Coaching Provider 2020.

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Eric Manu

Executive Coach, Speaker and Etiquette Consultant

United Kingdom

My coaching approach is tailored to the unique needs of the individual using different models for my client to deliver results in a goal attainment format; which looks something like this: executive effectiveness, leadership competence, emotional intelligence, building strong teams, effective change management, increasing energy, building conflict competence, (re)gaining confidence, managing organizational politics, mitigating derailing behaviors, discerning career direction and more. Eric’s brings deep expertise in international financial markets and institutions, senior executive leadership, team-building and business development, and a proven ability to identify and leverage ideas, talent, and relationships. He has a strong track record of creating a vision, designing and implementing competitive business strategies, marketing, and fundraising, and developing projects from ideas into successful businesses. Eric has a special interest in enabling her clients to form, grow and maintain respectful, high-performing relationships inside and outside their teams. He focuses on expanding perspectives to help his clients thrive in ever-increasing complexity, and to discover new realms of possibility beyond perceived and real limitations. As a Business and Executive coach my objectives are to deliver confidential, forward looking, and inspiring coaching so that every business client meets their short and long-term goals whether financial in nature, getting time back for their personal lives or helping them build and unleash high performance within their teams. My Coaching Value as a coach within organization. Executive Coach, Speaker and Etiquette Consultant scope, I assist my clients and team to discover a better harmony in their business and professional, personal and social environment. Openness and Authenticity are my core values on which I leaver to enable commitment to real change. I appreciate first-hand the complexity of leadership in cultures and environments that differ from culture of origins, as well as navigating between global standards and local practice.

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Sheetal Shah

Certified Mentor Coach


Sheetal Shah is a creative learning and development facilitator and leadership coach with international experience. With over 24 years of personal research and experience in the field of personal change, self-mastery, leadership and creative mindfulness, Sheetal's expertise is in creating a space in which people can realize their own leadership potential. She has a unique way of building trust and rapport with people and that allows her to create impactful dialogue and reflection which moves participants towards a new model of behavior. As an executive coach, Sheetal pays close attention to the needs of the client and is imaginative and intuitive in the methods used to help clients move towards their goals. She is the second Professional Certified Coach (PCC) in Kenya to be accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is also the first certified teacher in Africa for the world renowned Search Inside Yourself program.

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Barbara Walsh

Co-Founder of Teams & Beyond l Managing Director of METACO l Strategic Leadership, Team & Culture Optimization l MSC, MHRP l EMCC ITCA Senior Team Practioner l EMCC EIA Senior Practitioner l Inc. 5000 Facilitator

South Africa

Barbara Walsh is the Managing Director of Metaco, a bespoke consultancy focused on the areas of Strategic Leadership Team Development and Organizational Culture Optimization, and Co-Founder of Teams & Beyond, an online resource platform supporting the ongoing learning of team coaches, consultants and team leaders. Her specialization is in the development and optimization of connected, value-creating senior leadership teams, that are resilient, agile and aligned to the strategic direction of the organization. Barbara is Senior Faculty and a Team Coach Supervisor for the Systemic Team Coaching Certificate and Master Practitioner Diploma programs, and over the past eight years has co-managed these programs in the Southern Africa Region. She has an MSc in Coaching & Behavioral Change from Henley Business School (UK), alongside several recognized practitioner coaching qualifications, including a Master Practitioner Diploma in Systemic Team Coaching and the EMCC Senior Practitioner in Team Coaching. She is registered by the SA Board for People Practices as a Master HR Practitioner: Learning and Development.

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Marc Bowles

Marc Bowles Global Coach®| Leadership | Facilitator | Speaker | Mentor Coach | PCC Assessor | Systemic Team Coach


I work at the intersection of leadership, conversations, and education. I spend every day thinking about how we can use conversations to create leaders that are more engaging, people centered, and inspiring. I’ve been recognized and acknowledged for my innovative approaches to connecting people and organizations to the purpose of their work. With an insatiable curiosity, entrepreneurial mindset, and ability to see the possibilities through the connection of ideas, people, and conversation, my creative spirit and experiences bring fresh ideas to shake life up! I'm currently the CEO of MB Global, where I work to bring global leaders to conversations that align with my values of connecting through conversations to change the world. Being a supportive coach and driver of positive change to the next generation is what fuels me to serve others. That got me here... and I guess it's what brought you here too. So, let's work together on creating the inclusive, diverse respectful future that naysayers never believed in...and invite them to our journey.

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Yolanda Fuertes

Business & Career Coach; HR Specialist


Yolanda Fuertes is a business and live coach. She is a Certified Professional Coach, accredited by ICF, a certified NLP practitioner and a Certified Practitioner DISC & Motivators - A Dual Evaluation of Behavioral & Motivational Styles. She is active in career transition and change management. Through her coaching she helps Leaders to find their resources, focus, exceed their limits, get out of their comfort zone and to excel through change and the expression of their full potential. Yolanda is confident that we have all the resources we need to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Just like everyone else we sometimes need a boost to achieve our projects, achieve our goals or simply need a listening to progress, learn and surpass ourselves. Prior to coaching Yolanda has accompanied organizations for more than 25 years, as a seasoned HR professional. She has extensive experience in HR Management & Consultancy roles across various industry sectors, in complex matrix multinational and public business environments. Her focus has always been to deliver value added HR support to line management on all employee related issues, through training, advising and coaching. It is with the personal experience of this journey, the desire to share and the passion to accompany others in their development and the improvement of their performance that naturally she took herself into the world of coaching. Certified Professional Coach, accredited by ICF, a certified NLP practitioner and a Certified Practitioner DISC & Motivators - A Dual Evaluation of Behavioral & Motivational Styles.

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Jules Howard-Wright

Leadership Coach & Strategic Advisor

United States

Leadership Coach and Strategic Advisor to SVP & C-Suite leaders who are purpose, values & ethics driven. Based in Sonoma County California, and from London, Jules works with clients in video gaming, film, TV and complex change projects. A Coach for leaders: Who are compelled to change their organization, industry and our world for good. Who have a vision and want to create a better future for us all. Who want to ask the question “What does it mean to lead and put humanity first?” Style: Strategic Partner, Provocateur, Advocate, Activist, Guardian of the Big Picture. A Certified Coach for 15 years +, Jules’ background is in broadcasting, media, technology, infrastructure, platform management, consultancy and complex projects. Before coaching, Jules program directed a broadcast industry change program that cost $1.5 billion (UK), managed a TV platform - as General Manager - with operating costs of $300 million + a year, and consulted to Deloitte (USA) on a $1.75 billion national technology change program. Jules’ post-graduate studies include leadership and ethics at Harvard, Business Strategy and Execution at London Business School, and the Psychology of Management, she trained as a coach with CoachU. Jules is currently studying Public Leadership at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. CoachU Certified Coach. Post-graduate studies include leadership and ethics at Harvard, Business Strategy and Execution at London Business School, and the Psychology of Management. Currently studying Public Leadership at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

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Danny Tuckwood

Co-Founder and Director

South Africa

Danny is Operations Director of Metaco, a bespoke consultancy focused on the areas of Strategic Leadership Team Development and Organizational Culture Optimization, and Co-Founder of Teams & Beyond, an online resource platform to support the ongoing learning of team coaches, consultants and team leaders. In this VUCA world of business, his work with leaders and teams across all industries involves reducing complexity, achieving clarity of strategy, and enabling the collaboration and co-operation across stakeholder groups that characterize value creation. Danny is Senior Faculty and a Team Coach Supervisor for the Systemic Team Coaching Certificate and Master Practitioner Diploma program, and over the past eight years has co-managed these programs in the Southern Africa Region. He has an MSc in Coaching & Behavioral Change from Henley Business School (UK), alongside several recognized practitioner coaching qualifications, including a Master Practitioner Diploma in Systemic Team Coaching and the EMCC Senior Practitioner in Team Coaching. He is registered by the SA Board for People Practices as a Master HR Practitioner: Learning and Development.

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THP Experience

Here is what some past participants are sharing

Grace Chikowi

Grace Chikowi

My coach was extremely the best and she supported me really well to get myself established in my new position as a country manager. Se raised my self esteem and she gave me confidence that sometimes growth and learning comes through errors but the best you can be is to learn from your errors. She supported me with management skills but also learning from my supervisors. We always compiled adjectives that guided our discussions and they always motivated and guided me.

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The coaching program with EthicalCoach is designed to meet people wherever they are at in their professional journey. It allows us to set the pace of our own development. My coach helped build my confidence in my own leadership and enabled me to grow both professionally and personally.

Ismael Arouca

Ismael Arouca

The coaching for me was very good and important, I was in a phase where for the first time I was taking over the position of director of a large company with The Hunger Project Mozambique, coaching helped me to identify better ways to lead a team and make changes as a way to improve the work. And now I feel that I can lead without problems.

Montserrat Salazar Gamboa

Montserrat Salazar Gamboa

Country Director THP Mexico

Having the opportunity to have a coachy in my language and with my cultural context helped a lot to recognize languages, behaviors and challenges to work towards. Being able to chat with someone who doesn't have an "eye" on programmatic helps to focus on improvements as a person that will be reflected at work.

Ruchi Yadav

Ruchi Yadav

I was a sceptic and a first timer to coaching. But after meeting and engaging with my coach that has changed forever for me. I received coaching during a very turbulent time in my organization. We had to change our operational model to adapt to new laws in the country and cope with anxiety and uncertainty as COVID raged. Her attentiveness to me, nurturing approach to coaching, patience, management gems that she shared with me because of her diverse experience and working with teams from varied backgrounds, helped me navigate the turbulent times fabulously. While there was a storm raging outside, she centered me so that my energy and thoughts were focused on self, team and organization. Her coaching was like white noise - it helped me focus on the bigger picture and rise above irritations and annoyances.

Samuel Mutambo

Samuel Mutambo

National Program Director, The Hunger Project

From the inception of EthicalCoach, my expectation was that I will be taught on issues I was raising where I needed to understand. But as we progressed, I realized that I was to find solutions, suggestions my self on the issues I needed understanding. For example, I could propose a topic say, how to become a good mentor to staff and people around me. The Coach would ask me again on how I think I can become a good mentor to staff and people around me. Then I would start thinking and explaining according to my understanding on how I can be a good mentor. In the process, almost all the answers were still coming from myself of course with the guidance from the coach. This made me realize that every individual has solution to what can make him or her better in any area of life, what lacks is someone to help you realize the potential in you. This relates to what is being promoted globally - "Community led Development". In this case, it can be called "Individual Led Development".



This coaching experience helped me identify what was missing in order to embrace my leadership. At first it was difficult for me to declare myself leader, I thought there were a lot of things missing. However, I identified that the thing that was holding me, was fear, as we say in THP, I had a resignation mentality. It required a mindset shift that sometimes was painful and sometimes joyful. It was also a really hard year and it helped me to go through the obstacles we faced.