UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is a global organization dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights and building a better future for refugees, forcibly displaced communities and stateless people.

Working with the Global Learning and Development Center (GLDC) Leadership Development Section, the coaching program will include colleagues from Private Sector Partnership, the Middle East and Northern Africa region for six months of pro-bono leadership coaching around their most pressing organizational, team and professional challenges.

These colleagues - talented, compassionate, with high integrity – are continuously looked at to expand and evolve, with commitment, adaptability and professionalism. With a culture of continuous learning, enabling staff to build their skills and capacities and enhance their performance is a priority for UNHCR.

Continuous learning is at the core of the UNHCR team. UNHCR and EthicalCoach believe that leadership coaching is a key component to actively support staff growth and development. We’re on a mission to put data behind that belief.

We are providing individual coaching to leaders within the organisation to maximize their leadership capacity. These leaders work with private partners to inject new and vital energy into finding responses to refugee needs.

Coaching Team

Our Coach Team is made up of a diverse group of coaches from around the globe to provide 1:1 leadership coaching to the selected leaders at UNHCR.

Veronica Wantenaar

Organizational and Individual Change Facilitator, Consultant and Coach

United Kingdom

Veronica is an organizational and individual change facilitator, consultant and coach. She is an ICF PCC and coach mentor as well as a COMENSA (Coaching and Mentoring South Africa) Senior Practitioner and Registered Supervisor. With over 35 years of experience, she has worked with non-profit organizations involved in early childhood development through to aged seniors programs, international conservation, education, emerging entrepreneurs and social outreach. She believes in taking coaching to areas that were previously unable to access it, so helping to build a more equal society for the future. Veronica has over 35 years of experience in business consulting and change management in the UK, Europe and across Africa, working in diverse industries such as government, financial services, retail, education, healthcare and community /NGO. She added coaching to the mix over 10 years ago as she could see that many individuals and organizations struggled with change and needed the additional support that coaching brings. Having run her own businesses, she could understand the many requirements and challenges that leaders face. Her experience has led her to believe that as individuals we have many roles to play in our lives, both personal and professional, and we want to be the best version of ourselves in all of them, whilst staying true to our values. That insight underpins all of Veronica’s work with her clients, assisting them to adapt to their changing world while retaining their integrity. Veronica trained as an Integral Coach where the focus is on the individual and how they are in relationship to others and to the systems of which they are part, both personally and professionally. Veronica has also been devoting time and energy over the last ten years to working with non-profit organizations and communities to enable them to engage more effectively and strategically with their work and stakeholders. Veronica has facilitated focus groups, community building events and training programs for a variety of individuals and organizations that include teachers, emerging entrepreneurs, youths, health workers and professional organizations.

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Lucy Shenouda

Leadership & Systemic Team Coach


Lucy Shenouda is founder of FosterEssence Inc. and a leadership and systemic team coach. With deep understanding of business processes, Lucy fosters coaching conversations on operational excellence, team alignment, and resilient leadership. As a corporate professional, Lucy held leadership roles in marketing and strategic planning. With Fortune and Global 500 organizations in the MENA region, she partnered with brand ambassadors in India, Lebanon, Nigeria, Indonesia, and the GCC. Lucy co-led learning integration of stellar brand and people experiences for Unilever, McDonald's, Nestlé and Showtime Arabia (now OSN). Lucy facilitates and curates online live speaker sessions, provides pro-bono coaching for Up With Women and Coaching.com Foundation, is an advisor for the Durham College International Business Program, and a published author. MCC, CPCC, ORSCC, EMCC ITCA Practitioner

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Pam Steyn

Executive Coach

South Africa

I am an experienced Integral Coach, the integral approach incorporates the heart, body and mind. I use this by pulling all the elements together to create new possibilities for my clients. I combine this with contemporary social neuroscience, this allows my clients to connect to their very best thinking and allow for real and sustainable changes. I am passionate about seeing others discover the potential which lies within themselves. My own life experience has allowed me to build onto my methodologies and allow me to offer my clients a unique coaching journey and allow for real actualization and sustainable results. Linked to this I have a very good grasp of organizational dynamics, and the challenges and opportunities faced by people. This means I can help them work skillfully by building relationships, positively affecting the environment, getting results for the business. For me coaching is about learning new ways of observing yourself and others in the world to create new possibilities to shift our way of being to become more resilient, resourceful, and creative. It is s something that I am passionate about and believe it is a vocation and not a job!

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Judith Martin

Executive, Leadership & Team Coach | Thinking Partner


As Structure & Flow, I provide the trustful thinking partnership and open, reflective space for focused dialogue – a space to make sense of opportunities and dilemmas from different perspectives, to gain new insights and explore future possibilities. I support and challenge leaders, managers, teams and other professionals through coaching, training and facilitation as they try out new approaches and behaviors, questioning established structures, assumptions and ways of working. Maybe the task is reinvention or to shape a common purpose and set of values or to clarify a vision and direction moving forward. Or perhaps it’s to develop greater awareness through critical self-examination or the mindset and confidence to learn new skills. Other themes might include: driving change and shaping culture, building strong relationships and communication, working across cultures and diversity, developing and inspiring others, and building resourcefulness, resilience, self-care and personal effectiveness. My approach combines the structure of frameworks, processes, planning, boundaries and discipline, with the flow of improvisation, creativity, playful exploration, autonomy and fun. It is principle-led, holistic and adaptive. It involves seeing the systems and patterns in context and culture, integrating knowledge from various disciplines, and upholding high professional standards and ethical practice.

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Cindu Staub

Independent Facilitator, Leadership Coach(PCC-ICF), Systemic Team Coach and Consultant (Singapore & Bangalore)


My purpose is to empower individuals and organizations to be a creative force -collaborating consciously and achieving meaningful outcomes. I am passionate about supporting leaders to practice creative behaviors with awareness, to become interpersonally intelligent, and consistently hold systemic awareness. I coach and design learning experiences, to support leaders and teams thrive, to create a space for deep reflection, and to build the energy for new action. My diverse industry and leadership experiences across 18 years (in three different industries-Media, Technology, Learning- in global organizations) helps me adapt swiftly to the uniqueness of the leader’s context. I have partnered with organizations across IT, ITES, Telecom, Manufacturing, Banking, Consulting, Pharma, Insurance, Capital goods, Research firms, among others. I have led several women leadership programs, focused on developing self-awareness, self-management, and honing the critical and practical skills required to be an empowered, choiceful, and successful leader in today’s VUCA world.

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Joan van den Brink

Owne | Associate Coach


Joan’s life purpose is to create intimate environments so that people thrive; this acts as her north star in all her work and interactions with others. She has extensive experience in working with organizations as a senior manager, executive and as a consultant. She has specialised in leadership and talent since 2001 and been an executive coach for over 16 years. Prior to her consulting experience, Joan has enjoyed an eclectic career spanning Marketing, Operations, HR & Communications. Her expertise lies in working with teams and individuals in creating bespoke solutions to specific people needs with a specific focus on diversity & inclusion. Joan has a strong track record in building trusted advisor relationships and supporting others to grow and develop.

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Jackie Schneider

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

United States

As a seasoned financial and operational executive, Jackie has a track record of leadership in a diversity of organizations, from Fortune 50 technology firms to venture backed start-ups. She has held CFO positions in technology and consumer focused MedTech firms where she led both the finance and the administrative functions. In this role she managed relationships with board members and investors and was on point for significant rounds of investment. Jackie has also served as a consulting CFO to organizations seeking to grow their cash positions. Earlier in her career, Jackie was Director of Strategy & Planning at Hewlett-Packard Company. There she developed the operating plans, budgets and performance measurements for a $600M software organization and directly managed 100 employees in the US, Germany, Israel and China. Jackie received her MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and worked as a CPA for a NY public accounting firm. She also taught finance as an adjunct professor at Golden Gate University. Jackie has an abiding interest in the non-profit sector and has put her skills to work as a board member of distinguished organizations in healthcare and the performing arts. Her board work has focused on issues of non-profit governance and executive leadership, particularly in response to external crises or major organizational transitions.

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Ted Campbell

Executive Coach

United Kingdom

I am a fully qualified Leadership and Executive coach with over 18 years’ experience, working with Directors and Chief Executives in the Private, Public and Social Change sectors. I am, also, Director of Executive 21 Limited, which has grown to be a successful business with a solid reputation; and until recently, I was a Member of Faculty for the Academy of Executive Coaching, London I specialize in enabling clients to become more effective leaders and/or to take on new and bigger roles; and the feedback shows that my clients get results which are not only real and sustainable but frequently exceed their own expectations! My approach is to develop strong and trusting partnerships with my clients and create a tailored program for each, which may include Stakeholder Input, Leadership Tutorials and/or Strategic Career planning Prior to my coaching career, I have had more than 15 years’ experience in operational management, including many senior and international roles within the Johnson and Johnson Inc group of companies.

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Navneet Sandhu

Master Facilitator and Coach SHRM | Associate Coach


Navneet has over 23 years of experience in sales, marketing, operations and business development in Canada and Asia. As an executive coach (PCC) and facilitator, Navneet now works with senior executives across diversified industries to help improve their business skills, drive change and brand their leadership style. Through innovation, strategy and execution, Navneet makes leaders aware of the adaptive challenges of a VUCA world. She is able to blend the best of East and West to help her clients gain a competitive edge in the global market. Since 2007, Navneet has been running her own consulting practice to serve corporations in the private and public sectors.

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Marina McGoldrick

Executive Coach, Team Coach, Organisational Change Consultant

United Kingdom

Since the mid 2000s, Marina has coached senior leaders, both individuals and teams, in the UK, mainland Europe and West Africa (Nigeria). Her clients have been drawn from a range of industries including: professional services, financial, utility, energy and sports as well as from the public and not-for-profit sectors. Before qualifying as an executive coach, Marina spent 15 years managing strategic and operational change in the energy and utility sectors. Given her passion for organizational change, she is keen to help leaders understand their role and influence in shifting behaviors that keep teams stuck in the same dysfunctional cycle. Encouraging team working and transparency, she coaches her client teams to build genuine collaboration and connections across the business so they collectively better serve their clients and other stakeholders. Marina is an Ashridge Accredited Coach and Coach Supervisor, with an MSc in Executive Coaching. She is also an accredited Conversational Intelligence® (CIQ) Coach.

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Barbara Walsh

Co-Founder of Teams & Beyond l Managing Director of METACO l Strategic Leadership, Team & Culture Optimization l MSC, MHRP l EMCC ITCA Senior Team Practioner l EMCC EIA Senior Practitioner l Inc. 5000 Facilitator

South Africa

Barbara Walsh is the Managing Director of Metaco, a bespoke consultancy focused on the areas of Strategic Leadership Team Development and Organizational Culture Optimization, and Co-Founder of Teams & Beyond, an online resource platform supporting the ongoing learning of team coaches, consultants and team leaders. Her specialization is in the development and optimization of connected, value-creating senior leadership teams, that are resilient, agile and aligned to the strategic direction of the organization. Barbara is Senior Faculty and a Team Coach Supervisor for the Systemic Team Coaching Certificate and Master Practitioner Diploma programs, and over the past eight years has co-managed these programs in the Southern Africa Region. She has an MSc in Coaching & Behavioral Change from Henley Business School (UK), alongside several recognized practitioner coaching qualifications, including a Master Practitioner Diploma in Systemic Team Coaching and the EMCC Senior Practitioner in Team Coaching. She is registered by the SA Board for People Practices as a Master HR Practitioner: Learning and Development.

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Rosemary Bloom

Experienced Bilingual Leadership Coach SquareDot Partners


Rosemary Bloom is a certified coach with over 30 years international corporate and coaching experience. Rosemary is bilingual (English / French) and coaches in both languages. She is based in France and works globally. Rosemary was born and educated in South Africa where she trained as a lawyer. After 18 years working in major law firms in New York and London, and then as European General Counsel for The Walt Disney Company, Rosemary trained as a coach on moving to France in 2005. She recently co-founded the coaching firm SquareDot Partners focused on international leadership and culture coaching. Rosemary’s clients include international corporations, professional service firms and business schools. She has a particular passion for working with international and not-for-profit organizations; she is on the Board of the French charity Orphelins Sida International, and works with two organizations supporting refugee entrepreneurs.

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Helen van Ameyde

Learning and Organisational Development Specialist


Helen is an accomplished, results-oriented leader, facilitator and coach. She approaches her roles with energy, enthusiasm and a passion for transforming individuals and teams. She has a strong track record in driving and motivating cross-functional and global teams to perform beyond expectations. Working with the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office to deliver results and performance improvement, Helen led a global team and engaged with business partners to drive strategic direction, facilitate cultural change, and enhance skills to deliver on organizational priorities for the UK Government.

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Harriet Nelson


United Kingdom

I have always been interested in people – who they are, what they do and why they do it. I am naturally open and am especially curious about cultures different from my own. For me, coaching offers the best combination of my skills and interests in a way that is constructive and useful for others. I believe we all have potential, and that coaching is a key enabler to activate this, irrespective of our role or the context for our work. Coaching enables personal insight, learning, clarity and authenticity and is an opportunity to pause before consciously re-engaging to reach our desired goals. Outcomes can include a clearer way forward, increased self- awareness and learning, and clarity on deeper purpose. I am constantly learning and my current focus is understanding the interplay between the individual and the systems they come from. Separately, I am studying how to work more somatically to enable better awareness of the whole self and as a lifelong animal lover, I am interested in animal facilitated learning and how horses may be part of the coaching process.

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